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Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Review – Comfortable, but low on bass

Smartphone manufacturers are slowly pushing towards a new way of audio output on their devices and that makes it harder for headphone makers to stick to the standard wired audio and even for the users, it is a wise choice to have a wireless audio option because you don’t have to worry if your phone has a 3.5mm headset jack or the Lightning port, or even the USB Type-C one. The Bluetooth headphones just work with any device, as it requires only the wireless connectivity.

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Buttons

Skullcandy has been actively working on the Bluetooth headsets and we recently reviewed even the Skullcandy Grind Wireless that was a decent pair for the price. Now, a sports headphone with Bluetooth is what we are having our hands on, and it is called the Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless.

Available for Rs. 4999, the Method Wireless is a decent set of sports headsets but is it all worth the price, especially with a big number of competitors around?

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Neck Band

The first thing that is so good about the Method Wireless from Skullcandy is that you wouldn’t face any issues with a long usage. The ears won’t feel any weight because it is your neck that has the actual components and a slender wire sends the ear buds up to the ear, just like how it was with the Skullcandy Ink’d wireless. The neck band has a little different shape and that is good in two ways – 1. It has a design converging down from the neck so it stays there easily, 2. The wire can go straight into the thin wedge and thus, these don’t hang out whenever you are not using them.

The controls of the headphone are all available on the left end of the neck band. Easy to recognize as they are, the + and – help in adjusting the volume output and the Skullcandy logo one acts as a power button and also as one for taking/ending calls. The same side also has a flap to expose the MicroUSB port for charging the earphone. It is another plus, as usual, that you don’t have to use any proprietary charger.

Since the band is shaped well enough to reach below the neck, the placement of the mic beside the control buttons makes sense so that the audio easily reaches it.

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Earbuds

Furthermore, these earphones are made for users who are regular at the gym or are into some sports, as they are made water resistant, sweat resistant, and the neck band is not at all delicate so the Method Wireless can be called a perfect fit for sports enthusiasts.

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Design

First, the connectivity. These are wireless-only and thus, it is only Bluetooth connectivity that will help in the audio stream. The connectivity is easy, with quick recognition and near flawless connection later on as well. A big plus against the same company’s Inkd wireless, there are no random disconnections that had given a bad experience on the earlier ones.

The sound output – The Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless is capable of giving you a great audio experience. There is a good clarity at different sound levels and with most of the genre. But with such ear plugs, one thing that you always see compromised is the Bass. There are certain levels to which it is good but when on high volume, the treble and highs easily dominate and you can clearly find out the earphone lacking the bass capability. To just compare it, I also have the Sony MDRAS600BT Active Sports Bluetooth Headset that generates excellent bass and you can feel the difference very easily.

If you are fine with that and aren’t a heavy listener, the Method Wireless otherwise is a great set with the ear plugs too fitting in and attempting at a good noise cancellation, though there is no such actual work it does for the cancellation. The different sizes of cups offered are what you can choose from for the size of ear canal.

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Ear Cups

The battery – The spec sheet mentions that the Skullcandy Method Wireless is able to offer a good 9-hour battery life on a single charge, but we could manage to get about 6 hours of continuous audio playback and that is still a decent time you get for the amount of weight it has and that too staying on the neck band.

Final Verdict

Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless Earphones

To put it in simple words, the Skullcandy Sport Method Wireless earphones is a good earphone choice for the active users but it lacks good bass capabilities and that begs for other options, which in our mind are the Sony MDRAS600BT and also one from Portronics – the Harmonics 202. While the former is almost the same when it comes to the price, the latter costs you about Rs. 3000, which is a great price with a better bass as well. Though, with Skullcandy, you are being assured a better design and fit because of the light weight and no pressure onto your ears, literally.

While they are super comfortable and one of the best to have for hours of music, they aren’t the best when it comes to the audio output quality.

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