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Samsung Galaxy S8 Face registering

How to set up Face Recognition Unlock on Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are some powerful devices with quite a lot packed in and Samsung has not missed out any security feature as there are multiple ones. One of them is the fingerprint sensor unlock and the other two important ones are Face unlock and the Iris scanning.

If you are good with the standard fingerprint technique even though it isn’t in a great position, check out how to setup fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S8, and if you are wondering how you can get the phone to unlock itself by scanning your face, here’s how to do it.

To set up face recognition, go to Settings > Lock screen and security, and here you will find the option for Face recognition unlock. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. Samsung mentions the following disclaimer:

Because using Face recognition, remember the following precautions:

  • Your phone could be unlocked by someone or something that looks like your image
  • Face recognition is less secure than Pattern, PIN, or Password.

For a better face recognition:

  • Consider the conditions where registering, such as wearing glasses, hats, masks, beards, or heavy makeup
  • Ensure that you are in a well-lit area and that the camera lens is clean when registering
  • Ensure your image is not blurry for better match results

Once you understand this and tap on OK, continue to get ready to unlock your phone by showing your face. It is better if you set up this and do the registration indoors and away from sunlight because when you do it in bright conditions, it will make it hard for the phone to recognize the face later when there is no appreciable light source available.

Register by having your face in the shape mentioned and once you are done, the final step is to turn on the face unlock. Once you turn it on, the process is completed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Lock screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 Face recognition

The Face recognition again has a few of its settings that you have to check to use it in a better way.

Face unlock when screen turns on – Unlock with face recognition as soon as screen turns on, without swiping first

Faster recognition – Turning it on will help in faster recognition but will also make it easy for someone to unlock using an image or video.

There were some users who tried and reported that even using a photo was enough to unlock the phone if the face recognition was turned on, and it was for devices that had this last option of Faster recognition turned on. If you really care about security, turn the Faster recognition off and it might take a second for the recognition to occur but it still will be a secure way.

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