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Motorola One Vision Back

Motorola One Vision – A phone made for experience seekers, gamers!

Smartphones have been adding to the market in such a pace that while the consumers have a lot of options to check from and spend money on, it also creates a lot of confusion in the minds of the buyers since the competition of specifications have somehow hidden the overall experience that defines a smartphone’s goodness over the other ones. While the spec war isn’t ending anytime soon, there are brands that are still working on phones that are offering a good experience for media consumption and longevity. One of them is Motorola, whose latest offering is the Motorola One Vision, a phone that is unique in a few ways.

The Motorola One Vision was recently launched with a unique display feature, that aspect ratio making it the first one in the Indian market to have that tall screen that would help in a better media viewing and gaming. But that’s not it, the One Vision has a few other features up its sleeve. Let’s check out what the phone excels in.

The 21:9 cinema vision display

Not just it is a wide display on the phone, it is one of the firsts such way in India and someone who loves to watch content in a wide view would surely appreciate the 21:9 aspect ratio on the Moto One Vision. It is a Full HD+ resolution and it isn’t small, as the 6.3-inch size makes it large enough to enjoy the Netflix shows or even play games in that view. With games being well optimized for most of the aspect ratios and with PUBG Mobile offering the full available frame rate, the phone is sure an entertainer for the masses.

Motorola One Vision regular display
The regular 16:9 aspect ratio
Motorola One Vision Wide display
The wide display with 21:9 aspect ratio

Quad Pixel tech on both the cameras

There’s a 48-megapixel sensor on the back of the device while a 25-megapixel sensor on the front, both of them have the quad-pixel technology. What the technology means is that the four regular pixels in a square are combined into one to make 1.6µm individual pixels that would not just make the picture quality better but also helps in brighter captures thanks to the 4x light sensitivity on each pixel. The quad pixel tech not just makes the captures brighter but also helps in reducing the noise in pictures taken in low-light conditions.

Optical Image Stabilization for non-shaky captures

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) reduces motion blur that is caused by shaky hands and when you don’t have any external support to reduce that shake. While walking if you want to take a quick capture, you would end up taking a shaky shot when there is low light around. With the help of OIS, that share is reduced as the OIS compensates with the shake. This results in far more stable captures.

Motorola One Vision Camera

Now, the OIS inclusion is nothing new in the smartphone market but that’s something attributed and included in only some of the high-end phones. Having that in a mid-range phone and that too when it is really helping in better captures in low light is remarkable, and it might go unnoticed when you just look at the specs list of a phone, but it more useful than having a couple more cameras in the setup really.

Night Vision – Capturing the night in the best way possible

As already mentioned, there is a big help from OIS in making pictures better when taking in low light as the focus set on the object needs minimal shake to end up with a good capture, but that’s not it – the quad-pixel technology here is helped by the F/1.7 aperture on the Motorola One Vision’s rear camera to help in better low light captures.

Motorola One Vision regular capture
Regular capture
Motorola One Vision Night Vision
Night Vision capture
Moto One Vision Regular
Regular mode
Moto One Vision Night
Night Vision mode

The company seems to have worked on the software side to bring the Night Vision mode to bring in more details in the pictures as usually what we see with the night captures on most phones is the washing out of the colors, and that is what is reduced here and the pictures are still vibrant on the Motorola One Vision with the night vision mode.

Gaming is fun with the 60fps gaming

The chipset here won’t talk big numbers as I had said earlier, but that is still able to offer what most of the others in this price range are not able to provide – the extreme frame rate on one of the most famous games – PUBG Mobile. “Extreme” is 60 fps gaming and that is possible when you have the smooth graphics turned on, and that was a surprise as well as something one would want to have while playing the game as it offers an excellent experience, along with that wide display there.

There’s so much more that can be said about the Motorola One Vision and its set of offerings in terms of features, but the focus on the main ones is to let you know what makes the device stand out from the crowd of devices being sold by the other brands in the similar price range. It is future-proofed with the excellent screen, a set of cameras that are set to deliver, and a great performance.

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