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OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 review units found to be cheating on benchmarks

This isn’t the first time that we are learning about benchmark cheating and that related to OnePlus. This time, it is the OnePlus 5 that is said to be manipulating the scores of certain benchmark tests and that is done only to the review units sent to the bloggers and tech community. As reported by XDA-Developers on their blog “Our OnePlus 5 Review Unit manipulates benchmarks to maximize scores”.

It was the OxygenOS on which this manipulation of scores was seen earlier this year and now, it is evident on the newly launched OnePlus 5.

Unfortunately, it is almost certain that every single review of the OnePlus 5 that contains a benchmark is using misleading results, as OnePlus provided reviewers a device that cheats on benchmarks. This is an inexcusable move, because it is ultimately an attempt to mislead not just customers, but taint the work of reviewers and journalists with misleading data that most are not able to vet or verify.

This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t rely on benchmark scores to judge the performance of the phone because you never know how the companies can change the way the CPU and OS respond to these benchmark apps. According to the article, the app packages are recognized by the OS and then the change happens leading to higher benchmark scores, which seem good to the users when reviewers put up these scores. But when they purchase the device, things are different and the trust on reviewers too is lost.

OnePlus did answer to the remarks made by XDA Developers but that didn’t make sense because while the manipulation is done to represent something else, OnePlus claims that they manage it in a way as to make them work like one would do on a daily usage basis.

For a phone that is powerful with the specifications, it is indeed shocking to see that the company is sticking to such practices and it has to manipulate the benchmark scores. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU and 6/8GB RAM is a perfect package, we wonder what did the company think while trying to come up with these “cheat codes”. Read the article in the source link given below to know about the entire scene and learn how OnePlus cheats with the benchmark scores.

Source: XDA Developers

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