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Toshiba DynaPad Tablet 2in1 hybid

Toshiba DynaPad Tablet 2-in-1 hybrid launched running on Windows 10

Toshiba has launched their latest tablet device running on windows 10 OS under the DynaPad series and it comes right in time with the number of tablet 2-in-1 hybrids which we are seeing increasingly these days. With the recent launch of the Microsoft Surface Book the segment has seen a renewed interest from users and companies alike.

We cannot say that Toshiba has taken inspiration from Microsoft Surface as the DynaPad series of devices has existed from 1993. The externals is where the comparison with the Surface Book ends as the internals are no where near that of the Surface Book. It comes with a 12-inch full HD display with the display having anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating. It is powered by a 1.44 GHz Atom processor supported by 4GB of RAM.

Toshiba DynaPad Tablet 2in1 hybid

It comes with a stylus called the Wacom Active TruPen which is capable of 2,048 levels of pressure and is compatible with Microsoft’s Office & Edge apps. The stylus gives the feeling of writing on paper with a pen thanks to the 12 inch display which is the size of a notebook when it is not attached to the physical keyboard. The device weighs around 996 grams with the keyboard attached and measures 14.9mm in thickness. Without the keyboard it weighs 569 grams and measures 6.6mm in thickness which is pretty sleek and can be considered as one of the slimmest hybrids.

The Toshiba DynaPad Tablet can be pre-ordered in Japan starting from today and the availability is not exactly confirmed, but a December timeline is expected. It is priced at ¥130,000 before taxes in Japan for the preorder which comes to around $1000 which seems to be a slight higher side compared to the competition.

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