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Airtel Postpaid free data

Airtel offering free data (10GB per month for 3 months) to postpaid customers

As promised, Airtel is offering free data to the Postpaid subscribers and for now, all the customers that have shared the offer they got is having the same amount of data, i.e. 10GB per month for the next three months. This comes after a backlash faced by the network provider for giving several offers to the Prepaid customers and nothing to the Postpaid ones.

The data offered will not affect the billing of the users and they can probably stop any data offers if they have opted for as the free data can be used over the next three months. Fortunately, unlike how it is for the Prepaid users, there is no daily data cap and the 10GB data can be used anytime during the month.

There are no special plans still provided by Airtel for the Postpaid users and they will still have to stick to one of the previous plans where data is quite expensive when compared to the prepaid ones. The only issue for Postpaid users might be the validity, as the scene would be back to normal after three months, while the Prepaid users who opt for one of the recharges like Rs. 345 recharge or Rs. 799 recharge can keep recharging every month to get 1GB per day or 2GB per day respectively and enjoy unlimited calls at the same time.

How to get the free data from Airtel? If you are a Postpaid customer, you can download the “My Airtel” app from Play Store or App Store and login with your phone number. You will directly see the option to claim the free data from the app home page. There are no conditions attached to it, and we have seen almost every Airtel postpaid customer till now happily claiming that they got the free data.

Also, some have said that sending SURPRISE to 121 also helps claim the offer.

On the other side, the recharge offers for Prepaid users are not openly available to every subscriber as each has their own recharge options to choose from.

Pic credit: The pictures were shared by the members of the WhatsApp group run by Gizmo Times.

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