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Jodin for Mac

Download Odin for Mac – JOdin (Odin tool for OS X, MacOS, Ubuntu)

For those into development, Odin should be a known name already as the tool offers help in development related things with Samsung smartphones. One of the very popular tools for flashing ROMs or recovery to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Odin works very well but it works only on Windows.

Odin officially works only with Windows OS and it is not available for the other two, i.e. Mac OS and Ubuntu. So, if you want an alternative for that, there is one called JOdin, which is a full-fledged app without much compromises and differences. If you wanted to work on your Samsung smartphone ROM and flash stock or custom ROM or even custom recovery on your Samsung phone, JOdin will work on Mac just like how Odin does on Windows OS.

Modifying the file system in a smartphone is possible at the basic level without having to root the device or such, but when you are thinking to get into a deeper level and play around with the file system in such a way as to bring about permanent changes, you better use a proper software that assists you in doing so, otherwise you are just inviting trouble and possibly are going to brick your Samsung galaxy smartphone as well, and the tools like JOdin3 or the Odin for Windows are going to be the helpers in preventing anything such from happening.

Let’s talk about installing and using the JOdin3 for Mac. Interestingly, JODin3 works with not just Mac but also with Windows and Linux OS, but since Odin does the wonderful job in Windows, we would suggest using JODin only on Mac OS X.

Download JODin for Mac – Link

There are some requirements for the JOdin3 to run on Mac normally.

  • Latest version of Java needs to be installed on your Mac
  • Latest version of Heimdall needs to be installed on your Mac
  • If you have Samsung Kies installed on the Mac, uninstall it

Having both Java and Heimdall on your MacOS system is important because the tool is made on Java and thus requires it, and Heimdall has to be detected as well.

How to use JOdin on Mac to flash ROM files to Samsung phones

To take it further about the functionality, the good developer of this Odin version has made the tool available for both, online and offline usage. You won’t be needing to download the JOdin3 if you want to use it online.

Now, if you choose to use the tool online, you won’t even have to install the offline version but it is usually recommended to use the offline standalone app because there could be connectivity issues at any time leading to unsuccessful attempts of flashing ROMs to the device.

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