Call them Happy Hours, or call them the only hours when several Jio users were downloading loads of stuff knowing that there is no limit on the data used during this period, every night. Quite odd the time, from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., when Jio 4G unlimited usage was available for users on Jio Happy New Year offer. Now, since this free offer ends on March 31st, 2017, the Jio Prime membership kicks in and it is a paid membership from now on, with obvious better benefits.

But, those who were able to enjoy the benefits have this question in mind about the Jio Prime membership – Will the Happy Hours stay?

Jio Prime has a few good plans, like the Rs. 303 and Rs. 499 plans where you are getting at least a GB of data every day. It is also clear that you need to keep recharging every month in order to keep your Prime membership active and get all these benefits that you are getting the compared to the non-Prime customers.

Happy Hours or the night hours from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. is the time when you could download any amount of data and torrent users could enjoy downloading their movies. But, this would be misusing of the service in a way.

Thus, here’s the answer – There are going to be no happy hours. You won’t see any difference or availability of hours where data cap is lifted. From midnight 12:00 to 11:59 p.m., your 1GB limit will stay and you won’t find any special hours.

It might come down as a disappointing news for some of the users but that is it. Here’s what Jio has to say about it.

Since we are providing disproportionate amount of data throughout the day, there is no differentiation in day or night.
This is hugely beneficial for the customer, as the customer can now enjoy the benefit of unlimited data during any hour of the day, and does not necessarily have to wait for night time.

To help you with some extra data in case you have exhausted the daily limit based on your plan, Reliance Jio is giving this Jio Buy One Get One free offer, where recharging with Rs. 303, Rs. 499 or above will give you some extra data that you can pull to use if the data limit is exceeded and you wanted high speed even after that.

To counter this, other network operators are coming up with their own plans. Airtel is offering Rs. 345 recharge where the users will get 1GB of data per day and unlimited calls to local and national numbers, and Idea, Vodafone too are coming up with similar plans.


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