There are several reasons for someone to resize their images. These reasons can vary from uploading the images on the internet faster, to save space on your laptop. To resize images on a Mac OS X in batch is not that difficult with the app known as Automator App.

Apple Inc. developed this app for OS X that tools drag and drop formation of workflows for automatic repeating tasks into batches for faster modification. This saves time and work done for the person who will on the other hand manually alter each file individually. The specification of Automator can be spread over different programs and apps of Mac such as safari, finder and others. This app also works with third party apps developed by other developers such as Google and Microsoft. There is a collection of actions in Automator of which resizing is also a part of.

Automator is built-in every Mac OS X Applications/ folder and is simple to function, making it an exceptional tool for repetitive tasks. If you have not once used this app before, there is nothing to worry about as we will walk you through every step in the easiest way possible

First step is to create an application that will support drag and drop and will resize any image that will be dropped in that application.

  • Open the Launchpad and search for Automator.

  • Click on the Automator app to launch it.

  • Click on the button named as New Document and then select Application.

  • Then click on the Files and Folders and then double click on Ask for Finder options.
  • Now you have to set the Ask for Finder Items choice to Start at the Desktop by selecting from the drop down menu
  • Then in the same manner, select the Type to Files from the drop-down menu and click on the checkbox allowing the multiple selection.

  • Now move to Copy finder items box and expand it by clicking on the small arrow on the left.

  • Click on the drop down menu in front of To and select Other and create a new folder naming as RESIZED.
    • Optional step: go to the library again and double click on Rename Finder Items to add another action as well as addition to the name of the resized image
    • Optional step:click on the drop down menu and choose Add text and in the box below add “-resized” to appear after the image name
  • Now click on Photos in left pane selecting Library and double click on Scale images and select the desired size for the images.

  • At last click on Save to create the application that allows for drag & drop resizing of groups of images.
  • After creating the application if you wish that all the images resized according to your desired dimensions should appear in one location as origin folder.

  • Choose Variable and Path as the To folder in Copy Finder Items.

If this option is selected then it should be made sure that the resized images should have rename action applied to them.

Once the Automator workflow has been saved as an application, you can keep the app on your desktop or Dock and then drag and drop pictures onto it to resize automatically.

Another option for this process is to go through Services route. This enables Resize option in the right click menu of OS X. for this process following are the steps:

  • Initial steps are the same as above.
  • Instead of choosing Application in Automator choose to create a Service instead
  • Save the Service as the application was saved
  • Select multiple files in the system, right click on the selected images and then click on the resize option.

It resizes all the selected images in the system.



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