How to find your Wi-Fi password in your Mac if you forgot it

    Some things are usually one-time. We set up the Internet connection and then set a password when prompted to, by your service person. Once that is done and you enter the password on your Mac and your phone, you often end up forgetting the password and that is not unusual or uncommon.

    Now, thanks to how the macOS is, you can try to check for that saved password and extract it to share it with anyone or use it for your other devices to connect them to Wi-Fi. There is a built-in Mac feature called Keychain Access that stores your passwords when you allow it to, and that’s where your Wi-Fi passwords are stored, and believe me, that is actually really helpful rather than resetting your Wi-Fi router in order to make a new password since you forgot the original one.

    So, if you are in a situation where you want to find out your Wi-Fi password, go to Keychain Access. To find that, open Spotlight (Command+Space) and then type Keychain Access and it would show up in the results.

    Keychain Access Mac

    In the Keychain Access, you will be able to check for all the saved passwords, and in the left list, make sure you are in the “Passwords” tab.

    Now, in the top right of the Keychain Access, you will see a search box. Type the Wi-Fi name, and you will see that in the list of results. Double-tap on the result and a new box would open with the details about that account. The last checkbox, i.e. “Show Password” is what you have to click on, to find the password.

    Wi-Fi Password Mac

    If you have security enabled on your Mac, that password will have to be entered for the OS to make sure it is the right person searching for the password. Once you enter the login details of your Macbook, then you will be shown the password.

    Of course, asking your closed ones who might know the password is easier, but in case no one knows and you really forgot, this is one of the best ways to find the password. And this would help not just for your place but wherever you have gone and asked for them to help set-up the Wi-Fi, for example, at a lounge, and you want to connect to the Wi-Fi on your smartphone as well. Check out the other macOS tips and tricks.

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