When it comes to making shortcuts, the easy way to do it is implemented by Microsoft on Windows. Within just a few clicks you will have a shortcut to anything, anywhere you want on a Windows machine. But did you know that you can easily create shortcuts on Mac as well?

When I made my transition from Windows to a MacBook, I was confused how I could make a shortcut as well. After searching a bit, I found out that shortcuts on Mac are known as Alias. It is very easy to create shortcuts on Desktop on a Mac and that is what you will learn in this tutorial. Let’s get started.

Create Desktop Shortcuts in Mac OS X

The process is as simple as it can be. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Click the Finder icon in the dock and this will open the Finder window.

  • Now right click the folder or the application that you want to make an Alias of.
  • You will notice the option that says Make Alias.

  • Clicking on that will create a new Alias that you can choose to rename.

  • Now to move it to the Desktop, all you need to do is drag and drop the alias on the Desktop itself which is easy.

This was a small yet working tutorial to create shortcuts or aliases on a Mac. The process is quite small as you can see but if you still have questions, just get them cleared in the comments section below.



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