Kingston unveils the world’s highest capacity 2TB USB Flash Drive

    The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) is launched as the world’s highest capacity USB Flash drive. DataTraveler Ultimate GT offers up to 2TB of storage space and USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) performance. There are two variants, with 1TB and 2TB capacity, and the drive will start shipping in February 2017.

    The new flash drive is USB 3.1 Gen 1 compatible and the exterior has zinc-alloy metal body to provide shock resistance. The dimensions are 72mm x 26.94mm x 21mm, and according to the company, it will offer great read/write speeds. While the laptops and PCs have only their high-capacity variants with 1TB storage, this portable drive is a great idea.

    “With the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, we empower users to increase their data storage mobility in a highly manageable form factor. This is a terrific follow up to our 1TB drive released in 2013 and by doubling the capacity, users can store and carry even larger amounts of data easily,” said Jean Wong, business manager at Kingston.

    Kingston has not revealed the pricing information of the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) flash drive but we will get to know about the same next month. The flash drive was announced at the CES 2017 event in Barcelona.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
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