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Microsoft Mixed VR controller

Microsoft announces Windows Mixed Reality controllers for the headsets

Microsoft at the Build conference had a lot of focus on Virtual Reality on the second day where the focus was on consumer products. One of the interesting products that were introduced is the Windows Mixed Reality VR controllers that look familiar but the fact that they are coming from the production house of Microsoft will be assuring enough.

It wasn’t just these controllers but the VR headsets that were showcased for the media to try and the early reactions said that the Mixed reality headsets resembled VR and it was the one from Acer that was shown, but since these are early days, you can expect more in the coming months when things get better in the Mixed reality scene.

The VR controllers for Mixed reality are fully tracked by the sensors that are located in the headset and thus, there is no need of any external cameras. If you want to relate it to some of the currently present ones, the controllers for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift look quite similar. There is a ring of LEDs at one end for tracking, and the panel on the controller has a round trackpad and the menu options. The controller also has a Windows button.

These have optical tracking so the placement of the ring on the controller is a bit different from what is on the other controllers. These controllers are going on sale this holiday season and the early adopter for this is Acer, who already has a VR headset setup for $399 and it will include a pair of these Mixed Reality VR controllers.

One of the advantages for these controllers would be the perfect and responsive tracking that is possible in the field of view as the sensors are located inside the headset and you don’t have to place any external markets around yourself. Microsoft is also going to put out a certain sheet of spec for building the Windows Mixed Reality headsets and then OEMs can build headsets by themselves and include these controllers along.

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