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New fast wireless charger from Huawei with 15W output available on Amazon India for Rs 3,999

Wireless chargers have been around for a while and most major flagships now support it, however, one thing that has been consistent through the years of wireless charging in the delay that comes with it. Luckily, things are about to change and one of the world’s fastest wireless chargers, is now available for purchase on Amazon India for a price of Rs 3,999. The latest wireless charger from Huawei has been announced with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. This flagship from the brand also supports the Supercharge technology developed by the brand for faster and safer charging. The generic wireless chargers generally output power around 5W and few fast wireless chargers have a peak output of about 10W.

The latest Huawei wireless charger has the WPC Qi standard authentication and can charge any smartphone that comes with Qi functionality. Even devices equipped with a Qi-receiving battery case are compatible with the charger and can be charged wirelessly. The Huawei wireless charger boats 15W output making it one of the fastest wireless chargers based on the Qi standard. The wireless charger also smartly identifies smartphones, earbuds and other wireless charging supported devices and adjusts the output power automatically to charge them safely.

The charger also comes with foreign object detection and understands when metal objects like keys are detected to turn off the wireless charging. There is also multi-layer safety protection to prevent overheating or mismatched object identification. The wireless charger has a uni-body silicon surface and has a soft design, providing a good grip to the phone.

The Huawei wireless charger is also compatible with cases and charges through cases that are not more than 5mm and have no metal in them. There is a built-in chip that can adjust the output power automatically based on the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage. Not every Qi supported smartphone supports this fast wireless charging but Huawei Mate 20 Pro can make use of the fast 15W charging technology.

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