Download WhatsApp 2.16.349 APK with Two Factor Authentication

    WhatsApp has finally started rolling out two-factor authentication in the latest beta versions of the application. The much-awaited feature will add enhanced privacy protection by creating a complete password protected WhatsApp account. Read on to know how to activate this two-step verification mechanism in your respective account.

    As of now, the two-factor authentication is only available in the beta version of the WhatsApp application. So, either you need to enroll yourself as a beta tester in google play from here or download the apk and sideload it onto your Android device. For your convenience, we have uploaded a tested version of the WhatsApp beta apk here. We assure you that this is absolutely safe to download.

    After you have downloaded and installed the beta version of the messaging app, just go to the account settings. Here you will see the two-step verification option. Click on it to get the enable option. Then, you need to provide a six-digit pin which will act as the master password. You will need this passcode every time you wish to login with your mobile number in any other handset. Furthermore, you may also add your email id which will bind with your WhatsApp account. This will be beneficial in case you lose the six-digit verification code.

    Once you complete this entire procedure, two-step verification will be enabled in your WhatsApp account. After this, no one will be able to login to WhatsApp using your phone number if he does not know the six-digit passcode. With this, the popular messaging service loses its absolute dependable upon phone number and upgrade towards an account-centric approach.

    If you are skeptical of moving on to the beta variant, we can give you another reason to do the same. The beta version of WhatsApp does support background playback of voice messages. This functionality has been present for since a few earlier beta versions of the application and may soon move on to the stable build. With this, you can continue to listen to the voice messages after you move out of that particular conversation or even swap to a different application.

    Shuddhahnik Maity
    Shuddhahnik Maity
    Shuddhahnik is a connoisseur of technology. Writing for tech related stuff is his passion. He is always aware of the latest happenings in the tech industry. In his free time, he loves to fiddle with different Operating Systems and software, assemble desktops, root and flash custom ROMs on Android devices.

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