Google Play Store is the official store for the app download and install, as well as the one that comes pre-installed onto an Android phone so that you don’t to worry about any security while downloading the apps and don’t need any third-party stores for the same.

While this is the official one from Google, there are quite a lot of bugs that users are facing on regular basis, while installing apps or while updating them. One of the common issue / error is the Play Store Error 941 that shows up while you are trying to update an installed app. There are some users who also reported of this error when installing an app as well but it mostly happens during the app update on the Play Store.

Most of the older Android OS versions seem to be showing this error, but there is no known reason for the same. Let’s check out how to fix the Error 941 on the Google Play Store.

Clear Data and Cache of the Play Store App

Clearing the cache and data of the app solves most of the issue. For this, go to Settings > Apps > and in the apps search for Google Play Store.

Now, for this particular app settings, you will see both the options – Clear Cache and Clear Data. This might log you off your account sometimes and you will have to login back to your Google account, but if that is solving your issue of Error 941, that is fine.

In the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, to find these options, you will need to go to “Storage” option in the app settings and there, you will find the buttons to clear the cache and data.

Repeat the same for Google Play Services

This is required only if deleting the data and cache for Google Play Store is not sufficient and app update is still throwing the same Error 941. There will be an app called Google Play Services, which you have to repeat the process for.

With these two, the issue should be already fixed. If not, you can try to fix (note that we are telling to try because there is no fixed solution for any of the Play Store errors) that were helpful to others.

Delete your Google account and add it back

This is another way that has worked for users. Going to Settings > Accounts > Google and deleting your Google account and adding it back will help because sometimes your Google account is set to cache the error and keep throwing the same whenever you try installing or updating the app.

Install remotely from Google Play website

Some have reported that it has to do with the Play Store app and not the app you are downloading or the server. Google Play allows you to install apps remotely by opening the app details page on and selecting the device where to install the app.

This has worked with everyone and it helps install the app but it isn’t the best solution always.

Did it help? Or you tried some other way that might have helped? Do let us know in the comments below.


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  • Admir hadzic, Nov 13, 2016 @ 3:32 pm Reply

    *FIX* for me, i Just opent Google Play remotely ( and “instslled/updated” the app… I had issues with My oneplus 3 not willing to update Google Messenger app

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