VPN is the need of the hour for the Internet users in the U.S., thanks to the government rules recently which made it possible for the broadband service providers to sell the user browsing data to the govt. You better be surfing the web privately rather than giving whatever access to the information on how you browse the web.

In the list below, we have chosen the best 11 VPN apps that you can try out, and their features, of course, would vary and thus we would want you to check out the list and then decide which app would be the best for you. These apps are common for all the iOS devices, i.e. Apple iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod Touch. Check the list below.

VPN in Touch | Free VPN Proxy and Hotspot Security

With this app, you always have a private connection by connecting to their VPN servers. Whatever you browse online will always be protected. It has a feature called VPN on Demand which means the VPN will always be even if your device is in sleep. so, your internet usage is always secure and protected.

X-VPN – Free VPN Proxy & Wifi Privacy Security

This app makes your browsing data totally that even your ISP can’t track your records. And yeah, as they claim, this app doesn’t keep any logs of your browsing. This app has a feature called Optimal connection which detects your location and connects you to the fastest server automatically.

Unlimited VPN proxy Master & Secure privacy

This VPN app brings you a private and secure connection that you can use while surfing the internet so that your private data doesn’t land in the hands of others. It works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and other mobile data carriers. It connects you to the fastest server possible.

Ultra Cloud VPN by ArkVPN: Unlimited Hotspot Surf

This VPN app does not require any registration and can be used unlimited. They don’t keep any logs of your surfing data online. They have their own 200+ private fastest servers in different locations to provide you the fastest connection.

Free VPN Proxy Server: WhaleVPN Turbo Wifi Hotspot

This VPN is always free and you can access it in unlimited basis. There is login or registration required to use this app. They claim to keep no logs of your browsing data. It does not have any limit for usage of the data. You can stream and download as much as you want.

TunnelBear Free VPN – Unlimited Secure VPN Proxy

This app is a simple VPN with an easy one-touch connection. It provides you free usage up to 500MB per month and you can extend it further by suggesting the app to your friends. TunnelBear has lightning fast connections by having servers in 20+ locations across the globe.

Opera Free VPN – Unlimited Ad-Blocking VPN

This VPN app by Opera is totally free and has over 5 virtual locations with amazing speeds. They claim to be adding some more locations soon. This app has a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker to enhance your online privacy and security.

Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN

This is a free VPN completely with amazing high speeds with fastest and easiest connection to the VPN server. This app works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, and all other mobile data carriers. It has the easiest one-tap connection to the VPN server which connects pretty quick.

VPN by SurfEasy – Free VPN & Proxy for Security

This app is part of the Opera Software with over 350 million users. It hides your IP address so that you are data is safe from getting into dirty hands. It has built-in ad tracker and encrypts all traffic on your device. Initially, it gives you free data up to 500MB and for further data to be uses, you will have to purchase from the packages provided.


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  • Kevin Truman, Jun 14, 2017 @ 5:03 pm Reply

    Turbo VPN – Super Fast 125Mbps VPN is the best VPN app for iPhone & iPad.

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