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Best Calendar Apps for iOS

Best Calendar Apps for iOS for Better Productivity

A smartphone is smart enough to bring you a standard calendar that will help you find the dates and days in the month, but then, the iPhone calendar isn’t as smart and thus, there is always a need for some better app that can help with management of your schedules and appointments.

A calendar app needs to have some good options to set appointments, reminders, and also should be giving enough information about the important dates during the year. If not the default one, there are some of the good options for the iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if you want to use one and take full advantage of it. Here are the best calendar apps for your iPhone.

PocketLife Calendar

This calendar app syncs the reminders and events from all your accounts such as Google, Outlook, iCal, Yahoo, iCloud, and many more accounts. You can have a notification center widget, create events & reminders, display multiple calendars, and you can also share your calendars with others. This app is also compatible with your Apple watch.

Microsoft Outlook – email and calendar

This app controls all your e-mails and calendar in the same. You can create events and reminders with this app and you can sync these across all your devices. This app is also compatible with your Apple watch and you’ll be notified about reminders on your watch.

Google Calendar: make the most of every day

This calendar app from Google is the same as that of you get on your Android phone. It collects data from your Gmail and creates events in your calendar automatically and you’ll be notified. You can also add to-dos and add personal goals manually to get notified about them. It will be synced across all your devices. Sadly, it is not compatible with your Apple watch as of now.

Planner Pro – Daily Calendar & Personal Organizer

This app has almost everything that an ideal digital calendar has. You can add events, tasks, notes and it can also add them by syncing to your accounts.It has a day, week, month, and task modules for better management. It supports both portrait and landscape mode and is compatible with your Apple watch to notify you.

EasilyDo Assistant for Contacts, Calendar, Email, Travel and Receipts

This app is not only your calendar but also an organizer for your tasks in daily life. It also collects your data from your e-mails that are synced up and adds the events to the calendar which will notify you. It has over 43 automated features that you can use. This app is not compatible with your Apple watch.

MyCalendar Free

This calendar app is a simple and smooth one which can be used to add events and tasks both automatically and manually. It collects your data from Facebook and contacts to remind you of their birthdays and other such events. You can easily message or post to your birthday friends with an automated greet text by the app. It is not compatible with Apple watch.

Calendars by Readdle – Event and Task Manager

This calendar app manages your events and tasks easily. It can sync with your Google calendar and add reminders. You can simply drag and drop to change the date of the events and tap & hold to activate them. This app is not compatible with your Apple watch.

Tiny Calendar – Sync with Google Calendar

This app is same as the above one. It syncs with your Google calendar and adds up events and reminders. It also collects data from your emails and can send you the push notifications about the events and reminders. This app is compatible with your Apple watch which means you can be notified on your watch on the go.

Awesome Calendar Lite – Personal Planner

This calendar app lets you plan all your day in the same app. You can write your to-do list, create notes with photos, check weather information, and much more. It syncs with all your iPhone calendars and sends you notifications about the reminders that you have. This app is not compatible with your Apple watch.

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