PhotoBulk is an easy Bulk Photo Editor, Watermark Tool for Mac

    There are loads of photo editing tools available for every computer operating system out there. As simple as Paint and as complicated and large as Adobe Photoshop. But, to be frank, most of us look out for options that are quite advanced than the tools like Paintbrush but also have the ease-of-use where you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how it works.

    I’ve used the Visual Watermark tool to place watermarks on pictures in bulk but have always been looking out for alternatives for my Mac OS X, because that tool does only the watermarking function and nothing else. One of the recently found apps is PhotoBulk, the Photo Editor for Mac that not just helps in watermarking the pictures, but also helps edit them, resize them, rename them, and also optimize for saving space in the disk.

    PhotoBulk for Mac

    Let’s not get deeper into it, and just talk about what important features this app holds (and just to note, this software is available even for Windows OS).

    Watermark Images in Mac

    PhotoBulk for Mac Watermark

    PhotoBulk helps watermark the pictures by having either Text, Logo, Script, or Datestamp, and there are again, several possibilities in that. The font can be changed and its size and style can be too. If you choose to have your logo as a watermark, that is possible too and the size of that can be changed as well.

    Resizing Images on Mac

    PhotoBulk for Mac Resize

    A big number of images can be resized. You can choose to resize the images, either with the width or height in common. The aspect ratio is managed by the tool if you choose any one side for the dimensions to be altered. Even the percentage can be set if you are confused to choose a proper size for the resizing of the pictures.

    The resizing can be done by width, by height, percentage, by Max size, and also free size. You also get an option to not enlarge smaller images.

    Image Optimizer for Mac

    PhotoBulk for Mac Optimize

    Just like how resizing is possible, PhotoBulk helps in optimizing the pictures (JPG and PNG formats) and reduce the file size while retaining the same picture resolution. This optimization not just helps save space on the disk, but also eats lesser bandwidth while using or sending them online.

    While optimizing the pictures, if there is a mixture of both JPEG and PNG pictures, you can choose to optimize either of them or both formats together.

    Bulk photo renamer for Mac

    PhotoBulk for Mac Rename

    Photo renaming is another feature that is quite useful for many. The pictures that you capture using your camera have a name with a sequence followed. You’d probably want to have them named based on the event or the person in it. The PhotoBulk tool helps do that easily by placing a suffix or prefix number along with the word you want to use.

    Image Conversion

    Conversion of the image formats is also one of the functions of the PhotoBulk app for Mac. Bulk image conversion can be done here, and it helps convert PNG to JPG or TIFF to JPEG and vice versa, as well as create GIF files.

    What else?

    While we’ve talked about the resizing, watermarking, renaming, and even optimization, there are a few things one would usually be skeptical about how things might change with the changes you applied. One of the other good things about the app is that you can check the real-time previews and presets for the images you are editing.

    Overall, a very nice and easy application for Mac users, with no hussle. There is a free version of it available on the Apple App Store, and a paid version costs $19.95, which gives access in one computer. For a team, i.e. five users, the cost comes down to $49.95 in total.

    Download PhotoBulk for Mac.

    Note: This is a sponsored post.

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