An aggregator service that had no cars of its own but had just drivers registering their cars and adding to the list of fleet handled, Uber has now reportedly signed one of the biggest deals, by ordering 100,000 self-driving Mercedes-Benz S-class cars.

The German Manager Magazin has reported that the deal that could have a value of about 10 Billion Euros could be true with autonomous cars and their application getting real. The deliveries of the cars is set to begin in 2020 and given how well the car has been already doing in terms of autonomous features, it will have a lot by the year 2020.

The Mercedes Benz S Class has already been able to park itself, maintain itself in a safe distance from the other cars, stop and go with the assistance of traffic signals without needing a driver, and given that there are still a few years to come, the car maker will have some more features added to it.

Tesla is one of the carmakers who is developing technologies to automate cars, but this deal will give an upper hand to Mercedes-Benz. We are yet to know about the authenticity of this, and an official word from either of the companies.