Best Aptos wallets working and integrated with Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Wallets

Aptos is an upcoming blockchain technology trying to solve what the current networks lack and the description mentions “Building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain.”

To know more about Aptos, you can check out the WhitePaper that they have released for the users to know what to expect, and the developers to know what they can work with. After the initial devnet, the Aptos team has released an NFT called APTOS: ZERO that is made for the testnet to check how good the network is building up, and that test will happen with the help of the users who mint the NFTs. Whether the NFTs hold value for the future is still unanswered but when something good is building up, the users can always spend a few minutes testing it out and helping the developers.

Best Wallets for Aptos Blockchain

For the testnet, there are two main wallets that are integrated with Aptos for the Aptos Zero NFT to be claimed and while doing that, you could also check out how good the network would be. Here are the wallets that you can use:

Petra Wallet – Link

This is a Chrome extension and this wallet on Aptos is one of the easier ones to use.

Petra encrypts your keys and allows you to:
– Store, collect, and trade coins
– View and create NFTs
– Interact with dApps
– Import private keys and mnemonics

Martian Wallet – Link

Martian is a wallet built on the Aptos blockchain. Martian makes it easy to explore transactions on Aptos.

Enjoy using and building apps on Aptos
– Create and import wallets
– Deposit Test Coins and Transfer them
– View your NFTs in the wallet
– Build basic dApps on Aptos by integrating with Martian

Fletch Aptos Wallet – Link

Fletch has gone ahead to not create just a Chrome browser extension but also a smartphone app for both, iOS and Android users. Fletch aims to provide mobile users with a fully decentralized Defi wallet on Aptos. Fletch Wallet users will be able to manage their tokens/NFTs, perform swaps, securely connect to websites, sign messages and so much more.

How Fletch is differentiating itself from others is by offering a web3 app where your daily activities are all done in the app and the user doesn’t have to risk going to any malicious website and risk their funds while trying to do any transaction for things like swapping, listing nfts, purchasing Aptos Names, etc.

Install Fletch Extension on ChromeInstall on Android Phone

Other Aptos Wallets worth checking out

The two above ones are the preferred wallets for Aptos and that can be used to test out the testnet and mint the APTOS : ZERO NFT. In future, there will be multiple wallets available for Aptos, and

Fewcha Wallet: Link

Fewcha is a web3 wallet that unlocks a universe of applications in Aptos Blockchain. It is a fully secured wallet and you can store, send and swap Tokens & NFTs with Fewcha Wallet. Fewcha also provides web3 connection for dApps builders to integrate with Aptos ecosystem in a handy way. The Mnemonic Phrase is 100% encrypted and Fewcha does not keep your seed phrase on any servers.

Pontem Aptos Wallet: Link

Pontem Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet for Aptos – the fastest and most scalable blockchain out there. It takes less than 1 second to confirm a transaction on Aptos, with extremely low fees and a speed of up to 100,000 tps. Pontem Wallet is the ultimate entry point into the fast-growing Aptos ecosystem. You can already connect to Liquidswap, the first AMM (DEX) for Aptos, with more dApps coming soon. In the near future, token swaps and many dApp features will be integrated directly into MultiMask.

Spika Wallet: Link

Crypto wallet for managing digital assets and accessing decentralized applications on the Aptos blockchain. Currently on Development network. We will update the story as soon as the Chrome extension is made available to the public from this development phase.

Aptos is still in development, so what you are seeing right now is still the early phase, and there will be a lot more in the coming time and we will be updating the story whenever we find a new wallet available for Aptos users.


To test out the new blockchain and its functionality, you can actually mint the first NFT on the chain, called the APTOS : ZERO NFT. Visit this link after you install either Petra or Martian wallet, and you will be able to mint the NFT. There will be a transaction or minting fee that you can get for free through the faucet in the wallet itself, and you will see the Faucet or Airdrop option on the wallet to receive as this is still a testnet and the tokens hold no value.

Have any suggestions or want to add anything? You can message me on Discord at Chetan#7559

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