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ClickJackpot game is going to be the next phenomena in 2018

ClickJackpot is a unique skill-based skill-based game played by using exclusive Sapphire Coins. The game offers a simple and fun mobile gaming application that is easy to play than Texas Holdem and offers better rewards as compared to other popular games like EuroJackpot.

Here we are listing 10 reasons that will make ClickJackpot game to be the next phenomenon in 2018.

Unique new gaming and skill-based experience

ClickJackpot offers the world’s biggest jackpot of its kind to enhance the skill-based experience of the players. In the game, players will play against other players only with a single click of a button. The Clickjackpot offers simple and easy to use interface that can be operated without any learning. This game will utilize Sapphire Coin and allow players to win some of the highest prices that never happened in the history.

Skill-Based Game

It is a skill game but depends on your skills, not only on luck. Yes! The game provides various information, statistics and game visualization feature so that players can deeply analyze them and choose a right click that enhances the probability of their winning. It is a skill-based game that players play against others with one single click of the button. By analyzing a game metrics, a player can play the game smartly than others and increase the chances of winning.


Patent Pending

The ClickJackpot game is Patent Pending. Once it has secure patent the technology, will provide a guarantee that each will get a fair chance to win the game round. The speed of user device or internet connection will not effect on the game after the implementation of proprietary technology.

Note:- “The company has applied for the patent in the United States with the prior art for rest of the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The Pending Patents contain minimum three unique technological solutions and claims which will be utilized and sued on the game platform.”

Play Anywhere, At Any Time, On Any Device

The game can be played anytime on any device. It is easy to play and available without any time constraints. Doesn’t matter whether you are in a park, office or at your home, you can start playing your game anytime from any device like desktop or mobile.

Easy To Play: Click to play, play to win

The game is easy to play with a single click and allows players to win with the maximum price. It is a skill-based game that comprises of various information, game visualization and statistics that help in choosing a right click to increase the player’s possibility of winning.

Industry record payout rates: Minimum target set to 98%

The game platform will offer an outstanding industry- record of returning percentage of close to 100%. This will make this gaming platform different from other skill-based games available in the market. The gaming platform allows players to check the fees and possibilities of winnings they can receive from the game. The minimum target of 98% payout has been set over running average.

Multi-Level Winning Scheme: 1% Change Of Winning With Even Blind Click, Multiply Winning Odds With Your Skills

The game platform is based on unique multi-step rewards program and industry-record return percentage. It allows players to win exciting prizes with every single gaming session along the way of winning the biggest prize of a grand jackpot.

Play Together ICO

Grand Jackpot: 100m Sapphire Coins

By using SPH coins, the game will allow players to win highest prices amount in the history which is a grant jackpot of up to 100 Million SPH coins. It is expected that jackpot will be delivered on regular basis as per the numbers of players and their skill activity. The industry payout rate and multi-step reward program enable the gamers to win a prize with each game session. By playing more games and reaching bigger winning players, one can grow their chances of winning the Grand Jackpot.

Play against other online players

This is a skill-based game where only one player wins, whether you or your opponents. By using your skills to analyze various visual indicators and game statistics you can play the game smartly than other players and increase your chances of winning.

Play with own currency: Sapphire coin – The currency of the winners

There is a special currency Sapphire Coin (SPH) used to play this game. The coin is created on Ethereum platform and supports verified ERC20 standards. Players need to use SPH coins to play this biggest skill-based game. Sapphire Coins are available for buying through pre-sales and ICO phases.

If you want to get detailed information on ICO investment, then check out how to invest in ICO.

Guest Author: Aaron Miller is a cryptocurrency expert and talks about new ICO launches, coins offered on exchanges, and the developments around the same, with a long-time experience.

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