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Planex offers Global platform for tokenization, reaches soft cap of $2 million

At the moment the total volume of securities market such as assets exceeds 84 trillions of dollars, and bonds – 200 trillions of dollars and it keeps on increasing. Stock exchanges can’t satisfy needs of big players who’d like to acquire large volumes of securities. Placing assets of a company on one classical stock exchange costs hundreds of thousands dollars and usually it is possible only on terms of the country on which the company is registered. As a result, only big companies are able to afford emission of securities.

“In this way, financial market today is expensive, non-democratic and inefficient. The next development stage of financial market will be marked with erasure of financial boundaries, reduction of the time and operational difficulties as well as expenses and intermediaries while working with money and assets. Absolutely new environment without any geographical boundaries is being formed for people, asset managers, banks, commercial companies and other market participants” Ivan Alekseev, Founder and CEO of PlaneEx project.

PlanEx offers the solution for this problem. Global platform for tokenization classic, crypto and stock assets freely converts financial market assets into crypto-tokens (XPX standard) and vice versa, without any restrictions. The project provides the best algorithms available in the industry of algorithmic hedge funds to everyone who has a phone – all that is needed to use the resource and exchange securities, tokens and shares of companies around the world.

Ensuring the requirements of cost, speed and security of transactions on leger it’s necessary to move on to side chain concept. That is why in our solution we will use Lightning Network for performing transactions of Bitcoin Network and Raiden Network, solution for working with Ethereum network.

United Lightning and Raiden will give the opportunity to perform atomic exchange operations between Bitcoin and Ethereum Token ERC-20(827). Token of the system will be realized with the use of improvement suggestions (ERC-827), that adds extra functions: return of randomly sent tokens, double gas economy and support for the transfer of additional data.

At this stage, pre-sale is conducted with a 50% discount. Three large funds have already acquired the assets and the confirmation is expected from several more companies. The soft cap has already reached and the project has a lot of potential. To buy tokens and to find out more details about the project check the website Also, as usual the community for ICO is on Telegram and you can check the same here.

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