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Memeland Captainz

Memeland Captainz minting on January 4th, 2023 – All the details!

Memeland, a web3-focused venture studio has been actively working in the NFT space for months, and the time has come for their actual collection, THE CAPTAINZ to mint. The mint for Captainz is scheduled for January 4th, 2023.

Before we talk about the collection and its mint, it is important to know what Memeland is all about. In the most recent town hall, the CEO of 9gag, who is responsible for everything Memeland, said that Memeland is not an NFT project, but a SocialFi project that has bigger aims to develop in the web3 ecosystem. 9gag has over 200 million global audiences and counting, so what is being built by them, they know how to grab the eyeballs, and they know what they are doing.

Memeland Collections

So, what are the Captainz?

9,999 Captainz, with their pirate crewz, explore the Broken Seas in search of the legendary treasure known as “Memeland”. Join them in their quests for glory, fortune, love, and of course… memes.

The mint of these will last for 24 hours and mind you, there is no other place than where the Captainz will be minted, so you should ignore any other links shared by anyone else.


MVP is the limited 420 trophies of mythical power, forged in Memeland. MVP gives you access to an exceptional network of collectors, builders, creators, makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and degens who share advice, information, knowledge, and skills openly to help each other win. MVP is not an “alpha group”. MVP IS THE ALPHA!

You the Real MVP

Currently, the MVP collection is sitting at a floor of 33 ETH, and given how there are always people looking to get into this small yet special group, there is a total activity of about 1900 ETH already on this. While MVPs will be able to mint Captainz, they will be airdropped two Captainz after the mint.

Potatoz – showing potential already

The Potatoz was a free collection and was offered as a free mint, with a supply of 9999, and even today, each Potatoz is selling at a minimum of 2.3 ETH, with a total volume close to 17000 ETH, and there’s a reason for that. Potatoz is going to be important not just for the Captainz mint, but also for post-mint usage.



If you own a Potatoz, you would be able to enter the Grow section on the Memeland website to stake and get tickets to enter the weekly raffles, and you can win some amazing prizes.

If you hold 3 Potatoz in your wallet, you get a guaranteed chance to mint a Captainz, which is the Memelist that you get. If you hold one Potatoz, you enter the Waitlist and this will be the FCFS (First Come, First Served), and this will be the last phase of the mint where the leftover Captainz can be minted. You will have to be the fastest to mint the Captainz if you are on Waitlist, or you won’t be able to bag one for yourself.

Now, the second part where the Potatoz will be important is after the mint of Captainz.

Post-mint reveal mechanism of Captainz

After the mint of the Captainz, you will be getting an unrevealed chest and you can stake this to get the rarity known, and the mechanism of staking will be implemented after the mint completion.

A month later the chest will be revealed and it will give a unique Jolly Roger (traditional name for the pirate flag) that will be the unique symbol of the crew. Jolly Roger’s traits will be Captainz’s character.

Now, here’s where the Potatoz and Captainz will be together.

Once you make the deposit for your Captainz mint, you get treasure maps. A chest will be airdropped to your wallet and you will then form a Crew. You can form a crew with 1 Captainz and from 1-3 Potatoz. You will have to go to the weekly quests with the crew you formed and from there, earn the trasure maps.

So for the treasure maps, you will have to make a deposit to get the maps first, and then do the weekly quests.

Do not confuse treasure maps with NFTs.

These maps will still be linked to your wallets, and in the future, they might be converted into the memecoin, which aptly has the $MEME tag. These maps will have a rarity of five levels and MVP holders will get maps of Tier 1 and Tier 2 rarity.

Captainz have many perks; two of the most highly anticipated ones are $MEME and Treasure Islandz.

We can’t share too much right now. We can say that $MEME is not your regular NFT token that normal people don’t care about; Treasure Islandz are not your regular metaverse that feels like a digital ghost town. They are built different, and Captainz will have first access. Pinky promise.

Captainz govern the Memeland DAO. The DAO will serve as a community-led vehicle to empower the growth and development of the Memeland ecosystem. The DAO will deploy resources toward projects and initiatives that further the Memeland mission. The DAO membership is open to all Captainz. The Captainz will help make decisions regarding the DAO treasury, governance rules, partnerships, and beyond.

The Memeland ecosystem is huge, and Captainz will drive it further.

Whether Potatoz will hold its value, lose it, or maybe jump up higher, will depend on how Memeland is going to show its usage. Imagine you get a lot more through treasure maps when you have three Potatoz for your Captainz, and that’s what will make the Potatoz more valuable than they are right now, bringing in a supply shock. But, these are just speculations as Memeland is still keeping a lot of things under wraps.

The Captainz Mint Details

  • Mint website:
  • Mint price: 1.069 ETH per Captainz
  • Mint date: January 4th, 2023
  • Total supply: 9999
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