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WhatsApp for PC

Download WhatsApp App for Windows and Mac PC [Standalone App]

WhatsApp for PC was available only through the WhatsApp Web option where you can have it active only on your browser and have the WhatsApp active on your phone to keep it connected. For those who felt that WhatsApp Web isn’t a great option and there should have been a separate app, here it is finally.

WhatsApp for Windows and Mac is officially released and this tool will work on Windows 8 and higher, and there is a separate version for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. Of course, just like how the WhatsApp Web works, you will have to keep WhatsApp installed and active on your smartphone.

Download WhatsApp for Windows / Mac

You need to go to and if you are doing that from the PC where you want to install it, you can see the page detecting the OS and giving you the option to download it directly. You will, of course, find the option to download the WhatsApp app installer from the same page, if you want to download it for some other OS. For now, it is only Windows OS and Mac OS. Mac users need to have their Macbook on Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

Once you install the app, it will present you with the barcode that you have to use scan by going to the WhatsApp Web option and adding another to the list. It will activate the camera and then you can scan the barcode that is presented.

As is the case for WhatsApp unlike on Telegram, you cannot have an ID and password and it is just the replicated form on what you see on your smartphone. If WhatsApp on your phone is not active or there is no data connectivity, you wouldn’t see it active even on your PC app.

Under the Settings, you can have the app to start at login of the PC, so you don’t have to worry about starting it manually all the time. Apart from that, you can change the Chat Wallpaper from the app and check the list of blocked contacts or block anyone. You can also toggle the sounds and notifications, and the desktop alerts for the chat messages that you get on WhatsApp.

If you have a previous version of Windows running, i.e. Windows 7 or before, you cannot get to use this app and will have to resort to WhatsApp Web for the same.

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