With Virtual Reality getting many options in the market there is a new control option available for virtual reality which lets you control the surroundings using your feet. We have been seeing a lot of Head mounted displays along with some other controllers like the VRGO Chair and Virtuix Omni which is a treadmill etc similarly in CES 2016 you can catch the 3DRudder VR controller in action.

The 3DRudder feet based VR controller can be used completely with your feet to move around in the virtual world by sitting in your couch and by just moving your feet placed on the VR controller. This lets you have your hands, head and body free which can be used to do other functions.

3DRudder feet based VR controller

the 3DRubber is a round disk shaped device on which your feet have to be placed. To move around the user has to tilt the device forward to move forward and left to move left and right to move right. There is no update about how to move backwards which the company says experiencing it in reality is the best option. Any typical user will be able to get hold of the controls in just a few minutes of using it. The device can be used not just to move around but also play FPS games and also fly in the VR gaming world. It does not have any mechanical parts and uses your body’s natural balance.

The benefits which we get with 3DRudder are, they allow free hands which lets users do more, it is natural and intuitive, it can be used for hours without fatigue. The 3D Rudder is available for pre-order at 3dRudder official website, it is priced at US$175. The device will start shipping from March 2016. If you want to get a first hand view about how the device works head to CES 2016, it will be unveiled on January 4th located at Sand Expo / Eureka Park / Booth 81631.


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