LG Electronics has announced that they will be unveiling an upgraded lineup of its CordZero collection at CES 2016. The major  announcement is the robotic vacuum cleaner, the HOM-BOT Turbo+ which is equipped with augmented reality technology. There are three other devices under vacuum collection – the CordZero Canister, 2-in-1 CordZero handstick and the CordZero Bedding Cleaner.

The GOM-BOT Turbo+ is the robotic vacuum cleaner which uses the augmented reality technology with a smart feature called Home-Joy which lets you select the part of the room to clean by selecting in the image. You can even designate areas which need extra cleaning using the camera of your smartphone.

LG CordZero CES 2016

To keep a track of the areas already cleaned, there is a feature called Triple Eye camera sensors which record the surrounding area, which even includes the ceiling. You can even control the Vacuum cleaner from anywhere using the Home-View and Home-Guard feature. The Home-View feature allows the user to view real-time feed of you home using the camera on the front of the device. The Home-Guard feature as the name suggests gives extra security by sending photos of your home to the paired smartphone when there is movement around the HOM-BOT Turbo+ senses movement.

LG CordZero Vacuum Cleaner

The Robonavi feature is an intelligent software system which utilizes the robot’s dual CPUs to make lightning fast directional decision which help the vacuum cleaner to avoid obstacles like stairs etc around the house. You get 10-year warranty with the device is what LG announced, the exact details about the warranty has not been revealed yet.

The next device in the CordZero collection is the CordZero Canister which promises No Cords and No Hassles. It is powered by a new lithium-ion battery PowerPack 80V which provides powerful suction and continuous cleaning for up to 40 minutes in regular mode. The company promises nearly 10 percent more effective cleaning than the conventional 2,000-watt corded vacuum cleaner. It provides 79,000 RPM powered by LG’s smart Inverter Motor, the size is also approximately 60 percent smaller and 48 percent lighter than LG’s previous Smart Inverter Motor.

LG CordZero Bed cleaner

Commenting on the announcement, Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliances & Air Solution Company, said, “The powerful new technologies found on the latest LG CordZero products represent our commitment to innovation and providing customers with a better life through better products,” he added “The smarter, more convenient lifestyle offered by LG’s CordZero collection will appeal to every consumer and contribute to elevating LG’s position as a leader in the home appliance market.”

In case you want to maneuver the CordZero Canister around, the company is giving the users the option of a CordZero HandStick with its design inspired by flight control sticks used in aircraft with a 2-in-1 Type (Stick + Handy), easy 180-degree swivel head, built in brush Crevice and Brush Tool. This eliminates the use of any pressure on users hand or wrist along with maneuvering without placing any pressure. Another advanced feature included in the CordZero Canister is the one-of-a-kind RoboSense™ technology. This feature eliminates the need to pull the vacuum cleaner body along while cleaning because the Automatic Location Recognition technology and Active Following Wheel technology which allows the vacuum cleaner to track the user and follow at a constant distance.

There is also a CordZero Bedding Cleaner which has Dual Punch technology along with Soft Rotating Brush and Smart Inverter Motor and Powerful Suction to help sterilize along with UV Sterilization Station. For efficient cleaning it comes with Dual Filter System and easy disposal with the Easy-out Dust Bin.


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