Withings has launched a new smartwatch, or rather a Hybrid watch that can record Electrocardiograms (ECG), named as the Withings Move ECG. The first one to have the EKG to a smartwatch in the market was Apple Watch and it was only a matter of time till others followed the suit. Interestingly, the Move ECG is an analog watch that will record an ECG on demand and it has a trio of electrodes, two on the rear of the watch and one in the bezel.

It takes about 30 seconds to record an ECG with the watch. The user has to touch on the two sides of the bezel to record the ECG. The recording of ECG to track the heart beat patterns is essential in diagnosing and detecting severe heart conditions like Atrial Fibrillation.

Once the ECG recording is done, the watch gives a vibrating nudge and then the syncing of the data is done with the Withings Health Mate app. The only hurdle that Withings has to cross is the certificiation, i.e. FDA or CE clearance that Apple Watch already has for the ECG feature. The Move ECG is made not only for the ECG but for the other regular fitness activity tracking, keeping the design subtle.

For a first, the Withings Move ECG can track elevation as well. There is no inbuilt GPS, so if you are to track a running or cycling activity, connect your smartphone and use its GPS for the accurate recording. The watch is 50m water resistant and it doesn’t need charge every few days, as the replaceable battery would last for about a year. The Withings Move ECG is going to be available in first half of 2019 priced at $129.95 and will be available in white and black watch face options.

For those who are not keen at recording ECG data, there’s a basic Move watch as well launched for $69.95.


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