Bharti Airtel, which is Indias largest telecom operator is expanding its Platinum 3G services across the country and is offering the services at the price of regular 3G services. The latest region to be covered is Ahmedabad in Gujrat which was earlier covered by intra-circle roaming agreement with other telecom providers.

The Platinum 3G service is said to be rolled out all across the state over the next few weeks. Commenting on the rollout, Murthy Chaganti, Chief Executive Officer, Airtel-Gujarat circle, said: “The company has been awarded the licence for its Gujarat circle in the last auctions. With the launch of our own Platinum 3G service, we will be able to service our customers better and increase the number of users in our network”

Airtel Platinum 3G

With Airtel having a whole of 80 lakh customers in Gujrat and only 4.5lakhs customers are using 3G services, the company is going to allow the existing 3G customer to switch to Platinum 3G without any additional cost and the tariff rates will also be similar to regular 3G service.

Chaganti added, “In Gujarat, our business is growing at double-digit rates. And with the latest launch, we expect it to further improve,”

The Platinum 3G service is said to be three to five times faster than the existing service and is being rolled out in selected cities across the state. Airtel is said to earn about Rs. 400 crore per quarter and with the new launch the company is expecting an increase in their earnings.