Google Home is a new AI-based Personal Assistant worth $129

    The AI-based Google Assistant got a whole lot of emphasis in the latest launch event of the search engine giant. There, apart from the Pixel smartphones we got to see a new Chromecast Ultra, Daydream VR Headset, Google Wi-Fi Router and the Google Home. The last one is similar to Amazon Echo and will function as your personal assistant as well as a wireless speaker. The Google Home is now available for pre-order at $129 (Rs. 8600 approx.).

    At the October 4 event, Google emphasized a lot on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and personal assisting software. The company thinks that our future will hugely rely on the computer intelligence and automation. Google Assistant is an intelligent self-learning computer program developed by the search engine giant. This is built right into the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Google Home is also based on the same software which enables it to answer your queries and listen to your commands with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


    Amazon Echo is a product which has similar kind of functionality as the Google Home but comes with a higher price tag of $180. While the former was unveiled almost two years earlier, Google has been working on personal assistance for years. The brand new Google Home can provide answers to your questions similar to the Google Now in Android. It can set an alarm for you, help you with calculations, notify or add events to your Google Calendar, function as a dictionary, assist you with financial suggestions, function as a translator, read out news or headlines and help you with any other questions on various topics. All this will be done just with voice commands and without any written input.

    You can ask Google Home about weather conditions, traffic situations, flight information or local guidance. The latest gadget can control the smart electronics in your house. Google Home features a high-quality speaker system and can play music or radio just with a single voice command. It is straightaway compatible with YouTube Music, TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music. The smart personal assistant can even connect to your Chromecast enabling you to control your Television with your voice.


    Google Home boasts a far field microphone which can detect your voice accurately from a considerable distance. At the head of the device, there are basic touch controls with a mute button. In the US, you can pre-order the Google Home right now from Best Buy, Target, Walmart and of course Google Store for a price of $129. You will receive a free six months’ subscription of YouTube Red along with the latest gizmo. Although the upper portion of the new product only comes in white, Google offers a few color choices for the base.

    Shuddhahnik Maity
    Shuddhahnik Maity
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