Its been just few weeks since Google announced that users would be able to stream applications from the search results without actually downloading them and now the company has announced a new mobile advertisement format. The company has announced ‘Trial Run Ad’ which will allow the users to use the app for 60 seconds before getting the download prompt.

It is said that Trial Run Ads are going to be popular with gaming apps as it will will allow the users to try the app for 60 seconds before downloading the whole application. According to Google, this new ad format will be a win-win situation for both the consumers as well as the developers.

Google Ad Trial

According to Google, the user will know how the app will really feel before actually downloading it and this will allow the developer to get better users since they have chosen the game as per its performance and their own experience.

The Trail Run Ad will even include HTML5 which will allows the advertisers to create interactive ads. These new ad formats are in beta stage as of now and is only available to few select advertisers.

Source: TheNextWeb


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