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Japan Display has introduced a 17-inch LCD with 8K resolution

With the displays of Televisions and smartphones becoming sharper and brighter with an increase in resolution along with pixel density, Japan Display has introduced a 17-inch LCD display with an incredible 8K resolution. The effective resolution of the 17-inch display comes around 7,680 x RGB x 4,320 pixels.

The 8K resolution 17-inch LCD display is capable of a frame rate of 120Hz which will make sure that your eyes will have a feast. The 17-inch dispaly will be having a pixel density of 510 PPI which is something incredible for a display of this size. The effective pixel density will bring as much detail as possible to the image or video of similar resolution.
Japan display 8k resolution 17-inch lcd

Japan Display has used a technology called LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon technology) to make the 8K display, it comes with transmissive IPS mode with a 500 cd/m2 and with an impressive contrast ratio of 2000:1. According to the company the display is said to be targetted at video editing, medical imaging, hardcore gamers or high-end Gaming PC monitors who will be taking full advantage of the resolution at offer.

Recently last year Sharp had unveiled an 85-inch 8K display TV which is imaginable as the display size and the resolution are in sync but stuffing the same resolution in a 17-inch display is incredible. Whether the human eye will be able to differentiate between the 4K resolution display and this 8K display should be seen once the display is launched.

If you are looking forward to this display to add to your gaming PC set up or Video editing set up then you need to wait till the CEATEC 2015 event which is set to start next week. If you are in Japan then head over to the event to get your eyes on the millions of pixels which will be on display in the 8K resolution 17-inch display by Japan Display or keep watching this space for more detailed update.

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