OnePlus rolls out B2X Service and B2X Protect for OnePlus 2

    OnePlus is trying to make the after sales service of their smartphones an easy affair following the foot steps of bigger companies by providing extra warranty and protection. By collaborating with B2X service solutions, OnePlus is providing two new plans which will be adding safety insurance to their OnePlus two device. The two plans, B2X service and B2X protect are being released under the “personal connect experience of buying a world-class device in the form of extended service offerings”.

    Coming to the plans, the B2X service comes with every OnePlus 2 purchase where the customer is entitled to manufacturer’s warranty up to one year from the date of purchase. Once the one year original warranty by the company is expired the user has to pay up for any repair which occurs. This service is for users who want to extent the manufacturer’s warranty for the device and it covers all defects which were covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. OnePlus has priced the service at Rs. 999 for one year.

    OnePlus extended warranty plans B2X service and B2X protect

    The B2X Protect is another plan by OnePlus which is said to cover any accidental physical and Liquid damage which has occurred to your OnePlus 2. This is particularly beneficial as physical damage primarily leads to damage to the display which costs a lot to replace, in case of liquid damage the mother board is the one affected and changing one is a costly affair. So the B2X Protect provides you the damage protection for one year from the date of purchase. The B2X protect plan for OnePlus 2 is priced at Rs. 1,299 which covers the damages occurring in the first year of your OnePlus 2.

    So basically all the issues with your OnePlus 2 will be covered under these two plans, one strange inclusion in the B2X protect plan is that OnePlus will be including free coverage for damage caused to your OnePlus 2 during riots and strikes as well. Note one important thing, both the plans are not applicable to OnePlus One and are only restricted to OnePlus 2 smartphone.

    You can purchase the B2X Service and B2X Protect plans on website. The B2X protect comes with Rs. 50 Delivery charges whereas the B2X Service is without any shipping charges.


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