Twitter is one such platform where you have to share everything short and sweet keeping the word count in check. Though this is an impressive functionality of Twitter, it can be a pain sometimes where you have to share something that can’t fit in under 140 characters. Taking this into consideration, Twitter rolled out a feature where you can share more with less; now you can quote a retweet without affecting your character count, you can attach images and polls without worrying about the character restraint. This new feature from Twitter is gong to be a big advantage to those who loves to have twitter conversations.

Up until today, whenever you reply to a tweet the user’s tweet, @usernames takes up space from the 140 character limit, but today Twitter has officially removed that, meaning you can now reply to someone or a group of people without @username being a part of it. What this means is that whenever you reply to a person or a group, that person’s @username will now appear above the tweet text rather than in it. And, when you are responding to a group Replying to @username and two others will be seen next to it.

However, if you wish to tag user within the tweet, you have to manually type the username with @usernames which will take up your character restriction. Twitter has started rolling out this feature after testing it for few months. Twitter is not stopping here and is said to be working on bringing better solutions to improve conversations and make Twitter easier to use.