Vivo’s latest technology, the fingerprint scanning technology that is present under the display of the smartphone, was just recently leaked and that had seemed too good to be true. But now, the company has finally announced this and is demoing the same on one of the prototypes and the intro video of the same is also live.

Calling it the “Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanning Technology”, Vivo says that the technology works by using piezoelectric effects to produce and receive ultrasonic signals. The signals then pass through the OLED screen and that produces different reflection strengths at the fingerprint ridges and fingerprint valleys. This leads to the fingerprint activation under the display.

Vivo Under Display Fingerprint scanning phone

This takes away all the space needed below the display or on the back of the phone and now, the display area becomes larger and you don’t have to do make the phone bigger for a larger screen. The prototype as mentioned by the company in the video, does seem like a good one with the display extending almost towards the corners and edges.

The company also mentions that this type of fingerprint scanning technology will work even under water. Also, this is based on the Fingerprint sensors from Qualcomm. This is far ahead of just a prototype because one of persons from the company says that we might be seeing this soon enough and it would be a very good implementation done by the company on a phone display. With Apple rumored to bring something like that, Vivo certainly took the first step and will get the title of being the first with that technology.

The fingerprint scanner on the recent Vivo phones have all been on the front just below the display and they do have a very quick and accurate recognition, and with that software implemented with the hardware offered by Qualcomm, there is something exciting enough to wait for.



  • Vishal Giri, Jun 28, 2017 @ 3:30 pm Reply

    looks like with apple and Samsung Note struggling for the brightness issues VIVO is going to unveil the most innovative or u might say ground breaking smartphone tech on their first in the world “under the screen finger print scanner” supported bezel-less smartphone!! really looking forward to the launch!!

  • Ansuman Giri, Jun 28, 2017 @ 4:20 pm Reply

    Big Mobile revolution, gamechanger ✌️

    before Apple and Samsung! :O Even Essential couldn’t bring it!!

  • Omkar Aradwad, Jun 28, 2017 @ 7:06 pm Reply

    This one would really be a game changer in smartphone market.Kudos to Vivo for being the first to bring this tech to market.

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