The primary goal of any video streaming platform is to bring out new streaming and display technology to their products so that it stays competitive to other video streaming options. With the same AIM, YouTube has introduced HDR video support to their platform. HDR video, when combined with right screen hardware specifications, displays a more accurate white and blacks and more realistic color output.

HDR technology is touted to be the next big selling point along with 4K resolution TV’s and is one of the main advantages with Microsoft and SONY’s latest gaming consoles. However, there’s a clear lack of HDR content and the hardware and software specifications required for HDR video which makes it difficult to access those videos. YouTube has started urging creators to bring out HDR videos at the center location and YouTube being the world’s largest video platform is trying its best to adopt the format quickly.

YouTube has done the same earlier with 4K videos and 360-degree video and live-streaming, with a primary goal to stand in front in adopting new technologies and stay competitive with other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. It is already at work with top video creators and channels to fill out its HDR portfolio in the coming months.

Currently, you will be needing a Google’s Chromecast Ultra combines with HDR player or Microsoft’s Xbox One S to view HDR content. However, YouTube claims that Samsung’s 2016 4K TVs will support native HDR video playback with the built-in app in future eliminating any external box hooked up.


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