Canon has recently introduced their latest entry-level cameras in the EOS-range, in India. The Canon EOS 3000D was one those couple cameras that were launched, and it comes with an 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and an 18-55 mm kit lens with the price being set at Rs. 31990 as the MRP but it is available for quite a lesser price in the market. The 3000D uses the same DIGIC 4+ image processor as the outgoing EOS 1300D model.

The camera comes with 9 AutoFocus points and can take burst photos at a maximum of 3 fps. It has a ISO Sensitivity Range of 100-6400. The camera only weighs 436 gms, and while we have used the camera for quite some time to know how it performs in different conditions, one thing to mention is that the Canon EOS 3000D does face a stiff competition from the offerings by Nikon, especially the D3000 series.

The camera comes with the Digic 4+ processor, which is seen in quite some budget cameras from the company. It is compatible with the EF-S mount lenses and there is a 2.7-inch display along with the optical viewfinder. The connectivity ports include a Mini-HDMI and Mini-USB port, and there is a tripod mount in the bottom, beside which is the battery + SD card slot.

Canon EOS 3000D screen

Canon EOS 3000D Pros

The 3000D has a great grip and a rubber padding which improves the grip. The lighter body weight makes it easy to carry around. As mentioned above, the body only weighs 436 grams and that is because of the polycarbonate casing that keeps it light and easy to carry, with not much weight on your shoulder as well when it is strapped and carried along.

The camera with its kit lens is capable of taking some great photos in good lighting conditions, with the included kit lens.

It can shoot RAW photos which can be used to preserve more details and someone who has a knowledge about it can edit it with professional software to make the pictures better using these details that are not captured with the regular JPEG mode.

Wi-Fi connectivity is one major advantage of this camera, which helps not just control the camera functions using your smartphone but also in transferring photos quickly from the camera to the phone without having to use the SD card on your PC and then transfer it. This is more targeted towards the social media sharing millennials who like to share the captured photos quickly onto the social media from their phones.

Canon EOS 3000D shutter

The battery life is good enough for what is offered here with the mAh battery, and it gives shots ranging from 400-600 in total on a single charge in different conditions.

Canon EOS 3000D Cons

While it was an advantage to have a light and easy-to-carry body, the same is a disadvantage because the camera feels pretty cheap in the hand and the plastic-feel is so much that you won’t feel like holding a sturdy camera.

The focus motor makes quite a lot of noise, though that doesn’t matter when you are capturing pictures but it is evident during video recording.

The Power off switch is embedded inside the mode dial, which leads to turning off of the camera whenever the dial is rotated to switch between the different modes. It would have been nice to the switch out of the mode dial but here, you will have to live with it.

Canon EOS 3000D top

The performance in low light conditions is not really appreciable and while it is too much to ask for from a budget DSLR camera, the camera did well up to ISO 3200 but past that, the performance was quite bad and thus, worth a mention that the kit lens won’t be able to do much here if you are someone looking to buy this camera kit and keep it limited to that for some low-light photography.

There is no microphone input, so you will have to rely on the camera’s audio if you are capturing any video, or you will have to use an external mic attached to your computer or phone.

Final verdict – How good is the Canon EOS 3000D?

Canon EOS 3000D review

For the budget buyers, and for the ones who are freshly entering the DSLR market for the first time, the Canon EOS 3000D is not a bad deal considering that it is now available for lesser than Rs. 25000. Had this been priced higher, it would have faced a stiff competition from a few budget cameras.

The EOS 3000D also has a decent performance and the low-light captures still have an issue, but the camera does the job overall considering we aren’t looking at a professional-level shooting. Adding to it, the camera is also easy to hold and carry and has a compatibility for a lot of lenses with that EF-S mount. You might still have to think before you buy it if you are looking for something that does the video recording well, because there is no external audio input support here.

Note: We will share the link of the full-size camera samples soon here.



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