It’s confirmed and it’s final. Samsung has finalized the name of their upcoming device in the Galaxy Note series to be theĀ Samsung Galaxy Note7. The naming might seem odd to many people because technically the next version of the device should have been called the Samsung Galaxy Note6 but the rumor that Samsung is planning to skip a number has been around since quite some time.

The phone will be launched around the world in fall of 2016. The rumor was confirmed when former Evleak-er, Evan Bass who now works at VentureBeat tweeted out a tweet confirming the name of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note phone.

We have seen such naming in the past when Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and launched the Windows 10 directly to the public. There can be many reasons why Samsung went with this specific name. A totally new design for the Galaxy Note7 is expected with a new Edge design which Samsung tried with the last Note phone.

The phone is supposed to be launched at IFA, Berlin this fall which will be in August of 2016 so the launch date is just 2 months away.