Forget about the Android version updates, Xiaomi is very active in bringing out updates to its MIUI interface, the modified version of Android OS that every Xiaomi smartphone runs. Not long ago, the company had released the MIUI 8 update to a big list of smartphones and now, a teaser shows that the developer team of Xiaomi has started working on the next version of MIUI, i.e. MIUI 9.

A kick start event was held within the company limits at the Xiaomi headquarters and according to sources, ideas have already been shared for what is to be included in the next big version of MIUI interface.

No other details are known as of now, but only a white board with the big number 9 and a lot of text written around is shared. “Hello MIUI” is what is written, followed by a few words written by the research team to kick start the work on the new interface version.

It is expected that the MIUI 9 release date is set for early 2017, i.e. in the first quarter of next year, and Xiaomi will have a good list of devices compatible to get the new version. As expected, this will surely be a feature-filled update and we will soon get to know what Xiaomi is planning to have in its update.



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