The Galaxy S6 from Samsung was recently announced and the prices for most of the major markets is known already, thanks to the listings on online stores and some other sources. According to some sources, it is said that initially Samsung is shipping about 15 million units of the S6 and S6 Edge expecting them to sell like hot cakes.

Check below for the pricing details of the Galaxy S6 in different countries, and this page will be updated daily based on the pricing known in particular locations.

Check the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge price details.

Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 Pricing Information

Galaxy S6 Price in US:

32GB :
$200 on contract with Verizon

Galaxy S6 Price in UK:

32GB: £550

Galaxy S6 Price in India:

Expected to be Rs. 54000 for 32GB, and so on.

Galaxy S6 Price in Finland:

32GB: €700
64GB: €830
128GB: €950

Galaxy S6 Price in Slovakia:

32GB: €700
64GB: €800
128GB: €900

In Slovakia, the phone will be available from April 17th.

Galaxy S6 Price in Spain:

32GB: €700
64GB: €800
128GB: €900

Galaxy S6 Price in Sweden:

32GB: SEK 7,000

In Sweden, the phone will be available from April 10th.

Galaxy S6 Price in Switzerland:

32GB: CHF 700
64GB: CHF 800
128GB: CHF 900

Some of the prices are already confirmed, while the others are leaked but there is no confirmation from the company about the same, thus we are just updating but don’t guarantee that the Galaxy S6 will be available in that exact pricing to the consumers. Because there is no MicroSD card slot in the Galaxy S6, it is better to buy the phone with more storage than to suffer with storage issues later on.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge come with Clean master App, the Smart Manager app and there is a bundle of Galaxy Gifts available with both the phones.


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