Apple Watch Battery Life Results and Power Reserve Mode Details

    When the Apple Watch was first announced, it was all about the battery life of it because the initial talks about the battery draining just in a few hours of usage. But now, as the Apple Watch gets officially announced, the word from Apple is that the smartwatch will be able to give about 18 hours of battery life on regular usage.

    In the 18 hour usage, it would include a 30-minute workout where the heart rate is monitored, checking time, receiving notifications as well as using apps. The main culprit for quick drain in the battery of Apple Watch is the workouts.

    Other use cases included a 7 hour life when there was continuous workout with heart rate sensor turned on, and a little lesser, at around 6.5 hours when the music is being streamed using Bluetooth.

    Apple Watch Versions

    As for the charging of the Apple Watch, there is a proprietary charger which is able to charge the smartwatch to 80% in around 1 hour 30 minutes, and for a full charge to be completed, it would take around 2 hour 30 minutes.

    There are two Apple Watches, one with 38mm and other 42mm, where the former is able to give 18 hours of battery life, while the 42mm one is said to be giving more usage on single charge, which is a positive sign for wearable fans who want more power in the smartwatches.

    Power Reserve Mode – What is it

    This is a special mode for the battery saving, which cannot be much controlled by the user but it is an automatic mode that gets activated when the battery in the Apple Watch is too low. When it gets activated, the user will be able to get about 72 hours of usage, only to check the time and do nothing else, until the watch is charged again.

    This is understandable and good, because it is better to have the smartwatch showing at least the time when on low battery, as having a dead screen on the wrist watch is pointless.

    The given battery life of the Apple Watch is still not convincing, as the smartwatches in comparison seem to stay longer on single charge, but the functionality and features differ a lot here, and it all ends up with the user experience. Microsoft Band is said to be giving about two days of usage, and the new Pebble Time Steel claims to give a usage for around a week.

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