Samsung Galaxy View is a Huge tablet, possibly headed for AT&T

    Samsung is ready to launch a new tablet in the market. And this time it is HUGE. According to recent leaks, Samsung is set to launch a new tablet named Samsung Galaxy View which will come with a huge 18.6-inch display.

    The recently published FCC documentation gives us a precise clue of the measurements of the device and at the same time shows us what all we will get in the rear side of the device.

    Samsung Galaxy View

    There is a big AT&T logo on the back which possible hints that this time the tablet would be AT&T exclusive. Digging more in those documents we find that the device has LTE connectivity with the traditional Bluetooth and wireless radios.

    There will be a Korean version of this slate and that has been code-named as SM-T670. The Korean version even made its way to a benchmarking website where the specifications of the device were seen. The specs include a 1080p resolution, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage.

    The specs don’t look so fancy and 1080p on a 18 inch slate may not look that sharp. But this again arises the question, “Does anyone really needs an 18 inch tablet?” We will surely get the answer for that really soon.


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