Ojoy A1
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Ojoy A1 Review – The watch for kids is actually smart and helpful

Smartwatches as a trend are picking up at a slow yet steady pace, but the market has most options available

Noise Colorfit Pro
Reviews on Gizmo Times Smart Watches

Noise ColorFit Pro Review – Amazing features on a budget

We’ve been using several smartwatches in the past and have reviewed quite a few smart bands and smartwatches in the

Amazfit Verge Smartwatch
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Amazfit Verge Review – Too much in a smartwatch for the budget

A fully powered, full-fledged smartwatch on a budget – that’s what I would call the Amazfit Verge as. Amazfit has

Timex IQ+ Watch
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Timex IQ+ Move Review – Classy design melded with goodness of fitness tracking

Timex had earlier sent me a watch that was smart by its functionality and handsome by its looks but keeping

Timex Metropolitan Plus Watch
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Timex Metropolitan+ Review – Handsome, Intelligent, and Long-lasting

I’ve used several fitness trackers, smart watches, and devices that keep a track of the number of steps that I