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Airtel 996 prepaid recharge offer

Airtel 996 recharge offer gives 70GB data, unlimited calls for 28 days

Airtel has put up another offer for users on the My Airtel app and this new offer of Rs. 996 per month has although not mentioned, it should be giving about 2.5GB per day of data and that will be a capped one. We have approached Airtel regarding the same and are yet to get an answer about this.

Before this, there are already recharge options of Rs. 345-349 for 1GB per day, Rs. 799 for 2GB per day available to select Prepaid customers and this might largely depend on the regular data usage on that number. The network operator has been regularly coming up with regular offers for the Prepaid users and today, there is also free data offered to Postpaid users.

A word of caution – Your recharge will be successful if your number is eligible for this offer from Airtel. To check the same, you need to login to My Airtel app and you will find what all offers are available for your number. Chances are that if you are seeing one offer today, it might be some other tomorrow so you will have to be deciding quick and recharging your number.

Also, if you want the offer to go on for the entire year, you need to recharge your Airtel prepaid number before March 31st to claim not just the recharge offer but also to be a part of the cycle and recharging with the same amount every month for the next 12 months will give you the same benefits.

Special Airtel Prepaid Recharges that we know so far are as follows.

  • Rs. 345 – 349 per month (based on region): 1GB per day for 28 days (500MB day, 500MB night), unlimited calls
  • Rs. 799 per month: 2GB per day for 28 days, unlimited calls
  • Rs. 996 per month: 2.5GB per day (70GB per month) for 28 days, unlimited calls

For the Rs. 799 per month plan, we confirmed that there is no limit on the number of calls made but for the Rs. 345 plan, some users reported that Airtel didn’t mention it while recharging but there is limit of 1200 minutes for the free calls. Even for the Rs. 996 offer, there is no limit to the number of free calls possible during the month.

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  1. I recharged by 996 rs through paytm but the data credited was only 6 GB for 28 days. Why ?
    Where should i complain?
    I first checked the offer, my airtel app was showing the offer of 2.5 GB data/day but when i recharged, i got only 6 GB. ?????

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