The Reliance Jio Welcome Offer that was introduced by the company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani is going to start from September 5th and we are getting to know that while you are enjoying the unlimited data access during the period of about four months till 31st December, you cannot get a full-speed unlimited access all the time.

According to the information that the retailers and partners have got, you are free to use the normal 4G data and download only up to 4GB data per day, and upon crossing that, the data speed will be locked down to 128Kbps. It will be unlimited then, but you know what to expect from that speed.

Jio 4G Speed rule Welcome Offer

Also, the same sheet mentions that to avial the other offers such as unlimited local and national voice and video calls and SMS, you need to do periodic zero-value recharges from your account and only then the services will continue to remain active till the end of the year. The distributors have been given the instructions to not charge anything till the welcome offer gets expired.

While it might disappoint a few who abuse the service to download tens of GBs of data every day while the offer is going on, Reliance is providing the Welcome Offer only to get more users on board and to learn from the feedback given about the services, so the data cap is no surprise, but the same cap was not set when the Preview Offer was going on.

If I have a SIM currently on Preview Offer, will I also get that data download limit?

Yes, even you would see the data download speed falling down to 128kbps once the 4GB usage for the day is done. That’s because you are being migrated to the Welcome Offer from September 5th and everyone is going to be under the same roof.

Yesterday, the Jio Welcome Offer was introduced and the Jio 4G plans were also shown, but these will be applicable only when the Jio services are launched commercially, from January 1st, 2017. If you missed watching the Reliance AGM, here’s some of the important announcements of Jio made by the chairman.

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