Reliance Jio 4G Prepaid Plans, Prices, Tariffs and FAQ

    The Reliance Jio 4G plans that were shown at the General meeting during the announcement of the Jio services were not complete and there were some missing plans and tariffs that actually pissed off a lot of users, who felt that Reliance should have introduced some plans between the Rs. 199 and Rs. 499 plan. There is a tariff plan of Rs. 299 and there are others too.

    Check: Reliance Jio 4G Postpaid Plans

    Now, if you are looking for some proper information on all the prepaid plans that Reliance has to offer for the Jio services, check below. We have an FAQ under that, which is also important to read if you are planning to use a Jio SIM as your primary one and are doubtful about a few things.

    Jio Prepaid Plans

    Note: Not included in the table below is the Free Voice calls and Free Roaming calls. It is common across all the plans. Same is with the Jio Apps premium subscription, which is also free for all the Prepaid plans.

    Plans and Tariffs of Jio 4G Prepaid

    4G Data0.1 GB + Night Unlimited0.75 GB + Night Unlimited0.3 GB2 GB + Night Unlimited4 GB + Night Unlimited10 GB + Night Unlimited20 GB + Night Unlimited35 GB + Night Unlimited60 GB + Night Unlimited75 GB + Night Unlimited
    Wi-Fi Data on JioNet Hotspot0.2 GB1.5 GB-4 GB8 GB20 GB40 GB70 GB120 GB150 GB
    Unlimited SMSYesYesNo, 100 SMSYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
    Validity (Days)172821282828282828

    FAQ about the Jio Prepaid tariff plans

    I’ve heard that the voice calls on Jio network are done over the Internet. Is it true? If yes, will my data be used when I make calls?

    The answer for first question is “Yes”. You are making calls on the Internet. But then, you are not going to be charged when you make voice calls from your Jio SIM. The first T&C says “1. Voice is truly free – no charge towards voice or the data used to make 4G voice calls.” and this is what one of the Jio employees has also confirmed.

    What about the video calls? Will I be charged to use data for video calls?

    The data used by the consumers Video calls would be uniformly debited against plan data allocation. So, it is just the voice calls that are truly free and you won’t be charged, even the data on the Jio network.

    Are voice calls free only from Jio to Jio or the calls would be free for calling any network?

    The calling is fortunately possible to every network in the country, and although during the Welcome Offer you would see a lot of calls blocked, blame that on the other service providers for doing so. Otherwise, you won’t be charged to make voice calls to any number or network.

    So, make any number of voice calls on the Jio network and you will see no data reduced on your plan.

    What’s the timing for Night Unlimited offer that is bundled on most of the packs?

    The unlimited data at night will be timed from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Yep, quite an odd timing but that is what Reliance is offering as the Night unlimited plan.

    What is JioNet hotspot and how can I use that?

    JioNet refers to the Public Wi-Fi hotspots that Reliance is planning to place and have targeted to place about a million hotspots at all prime locations. You’ll have to connect to the hotspot through Wi-Fi and login to use the data.

    I got some unused data balance by the end of the month. Will that be carried over to the next month cycle?

    No, it is unlike the other operators, Airtel that we know of. With the Jio plans, you won’t be able to carry over the left over 4G data when the monthly cycle gets finished. The next month, a new cycle will begin.

    Can I use any plan to start my SIM after the Welcome Offer gets finished on December 31st?

    No, as a first recharge you cannot do the Rs. 19, Rs. 129 or Rs. 299 recharge, and you can do any other ones that have a validity of 28 days. Once that gets finished, you are free to do any recharge later.

    Are these the full and final charges for prepaid customers?

    Yes, the plans and tariffs are inclusive of all the applicable taxes.

    What are the apps that are available as a part of this subscription offer?

    JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags, JioNewspaper, JioCloud (5GB), and JioSecurity are the apps that come as a part of the offer.

    I see 100 SMS limit for the month for Rs. 149 plan. Why isn’t it across all the plans and what is it for the other plans?

    Though it is said unlimited, it actually isn’t. You will be given 100 local and national SMS per day on every other plan, except for Rs. 19 plan that has the same SMS limit like the Rs. 149 plan.

    Once the data is exhausted, what would be the charges for data on the Jio Prepaid tariff plans?

    According to the Jio terms and conditions, once the data on a particular plan gets exhausted, the average cost of data is Rs. 250 per GB, and you will be charged every 10kb. So, on average, you are bound to pay Rs. 2.5 for every 10MB data downloaded, which isn’t any less but if you wish to get more data, you can just recharge with one of the plans any time.

    Are there any data plans separately available if I want to avoid the above charges of Rs. 250 per GB?

    Yes, Reliance is giving a few Data top-up plans that you can check below.

    The Reliance AGM presentation talked about the Rs. 50 per GB charge. What was it about?

    Firstly, it was the charge mentioned as an average for some plans when you include the JioNet Wi-Fi downloads as well, but the actual mention is about the usage on those hotspots, i.e. JioNet Wi-Fi where you can use any amount of data at Rs. 50 per GB.

    If I wanted to do an audio or video conference call, is there a special plan for that or even this is free?

    If you are doing an audio or video conference that involves not more than 3 people, it is free of cost. But, if you want to add more members to the call, you will have to take a subscription for the same. If you are doing an audio conference involving 4-9 people, you will have to do a recharge of Rs. 49 that will be for 28 days, while a video conference involving 4-6 people will cost Rs. 99 as a recharge for 28 days.

    Data Add-on plans and packs for Prepaid users

    Following are the costs for the 4G data top-up on your number if the current plan’s data is exhausted.

    • Rs. 151: 1 GB – 4G LTE Data & 1 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 251: 2 GB – 4G LTE Data & 2 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 451: 4 GB – 4G LTE Data & 4 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 1001: 10 GB – 4G LTE Data & 10 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 1501: 20 GB – 4G LTE Data & 20 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 2501: 35 GB – 4G LTE Data & 35 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 4001: 60 GB – 4G LTE Data & 60 GB – WiFi Data
    • Rs. 5001: 75 GB – 4G LTE Data & 75 GB – WiFi Data

    Have any other doubt about the Prepaid plans and tariff?

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    1. In Prepaid Plan Of 149. Id data is exhuasted .i.e 300 MB. ,then will data connection will be stop automatically .

    2. I have charged my jio 2 times worth Rs 100 and Rs 149. Will the data of Rs 149 will be retained after Rs100 worth data is used?

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