The offers are tempting. I’d get at least a few months of free everything before I get to choose and actually pay for one of the plans. Should I not take that advantage of the offer given by Reliance on my current number by opting to go for Jio network on that number?

This question has been making several rounds to no surprise. There are several reasons for one to try it out, beginning with the Jio Welcome Offer, under which one would be able to access data, make calls, send SMS, all without paying a penny. And then, the offer is extended to March 31st, thanks to the Jio Happy New Year offer.

Network Providers

The coverage

You won’t always be at home or office. There are several times that you’d want to travel and that’s when you will actually get to know whether the places where you go to regularly has any proper network or not. Test that out on the Jio number and you’ve got a good three months to do so. Switching and then regretting later, better avoid that.

At least when the chairman of the company is openly inviting you to test out the system, why do you want to switch to them permanently when the service is under testing and optimization. Chances are that you might not see the same coverage that is present right now, so when the service sees millions or more users testing the network at the same time, you’ll know whether Jio is going to be your next network provider or you should be sticking to your current provider.

How reliable is the customer support?

You’ve had woes about customer support with every company, or at least almost every company till now. So you might wonder whether it is really important to have a good customer support on the other end waiting to answer any query of yours. For a well established service, you usually would see lesser hiccups. With a relatively new one, there are a lot of problems you might end up with, and that is when you expect a customer service person to help solve the issue.

The current situation at the customer service section for Jio is not the right one to assess the situation, and it is better to do that only after the commercial plans begin and users report about the good or bad customer service.

Reports of reduced speeds recently

This is what we’ve been hearing, at least for the indoor coverage. Just a couple of months back, users boasted of high data speeds they used to get, with average of up to 30 Mbps at ease. Now, the same users at the same place are getting not even 4 Mbps. One of the reasons for that could be the increase in number of subscribers at a particular location. But it would’ve been satisfactory to see a better download speed than finding a good reason for a lesser speed.

While we know that it is the testing phase and the download speeds on Jio network could be made better, why not keep checking the same on the Welcome Offer and then see if Reliance has actually been able to make the speeds higher or they’re going to stay the same.

Happy to give up calling for data usage?

If you aren’t aware, several telecom operators in India are blocking the calls made from Jio network and that is because Jio is an IP based network and the calls made through it use data, unlike how it is with all the other networks. When a call is made, the network from which the call goes has to pay the end network an amount as interconnect charges. Reliance doesn’t want to pay that because this is technically a free call.

There has been a lot happening around this and while the regulatory authorities fix something up for this, till then you will rarely see calls going through when you call any network other than to Jio number itself. If you don’t really get to find out how the call quality is, are you going to use the SIM only for data all the time?

The bottom line

No network operator is perfect, and so is the case with Reliance Jio. If the other network providers are bad enough for you, that won’t give title the winning title to Jio and since you don’t really know about the performance of the network already, it is better to stay with the current provider and get the Jio SIM only to test it out before taking your final decision.

If you are yet to get the Jio SIM, download MyJio latest version and generate the offer code. If you seriously feel that Jio is better than the others at least for you, here’s how to port to Jio network.


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