Year by year, Apple’s MacBook line-up of laptops are coming with upgraded hardware and new features. High-end hardware and software in skinny frames with smart looks is the speciality of MacBook. But as we know that this level of hardware needs bigger batteries with long battery.

Those days had gone when people used to carry an extra battery with them for their MacBook; nowadays battery cannot replace out of MacBook easily. Usually, MacBook Pro provides enough battery backup up to nine hours; that’s more than a normal laptop’s battery. But not every time you will get a table next to power outlet, or to charge your MacBook Pro, better to know the tricks and tips to increase the battery life of MacBook Pro.

Dim the Screen and Turn off the Unwanted Features

To get most out of your battery, this is the first thing you have to do. You will have to dim the screen according to the eye and turn off the unwanted features.  To dim your MacBook screen, press F1 key and change the brightness according to your need.

Turning off Bluetooth:

  • Click on Bluetooth icon and select Turn Bluetooth Off
  • Or open System Preferences, go to Bluetooth and click on Turn Bluetooth Off

Turn off Wi-Fi: If you are not using Internet connection through Wi-Fi, better to turn off the Wi-Fi.

Click on AirPort from the Menu and choose Turn Wi-Fi off

Mute Sound: Tap on the Mute Sound button to get rid of alerts and noises.

Remove Unwanted Hardware

Do not leave SD card, Flash drives or USB thumb drives attached to MacBook. Do not charge your iPhone, iPad on MacBook. Almost everything that is attached to your MacBook will consume power, which means a decrease in MacBook battery life. Use headphones so that they will save some power by switching off the internal speakers.

Turn off Spotlight Indexing

If you don’t need Spotlight Indexing, it’s better to turn it off. To do so, click on Apple icon in top left of the screen and go to System Preferences. Click on Q Spotlight and go to Privacy tab. Click on the + button and select the hard drive to prevent it from indexing.

Adjust the Battery Saver Settings

By changing the setting in Battery Saver mode will also improve the battery performance.

Click on Apple icon in top left. Click system Preferences and select Energy Saver. Tick all the checkbox and improve battery life.

Get most out of the battery

Turn off Notifications: Go to System Preferences and click on Notifications. Limit the apps that can check for notifications.

Turn off Mail’s auto check: Open Mail and go to Preferences and set the Check for New Messages tab manually.

Postpone Backup and Syncing Services: By turning off backup and syncing services will also increase the battery life of MacBook. Go to System Preferences and click on Time Machine settings. Click on Options and turn off the backup when battery mode.

Avoid High-Graphics Apps and Games: Don’t play high-end games when you are on battery. Avoid using graphically intensive apps like video editing apps.