TRANSSION’s Oraimo brand launches in India with a line-up of accessories

Oraimo accessories

Oraimo has just unveiled their new line-up of accessories specifically designed for Indian consumers. Oraimo is an accessory producing subsidiary of TRANSSION and is now aiming to serve a broad market with products ranging from mobile phone batteries to smartwatches.

The latest series of power banks being launched by the brand implements the R&D of the parent brand which has made considerable advancements in the lithium-polymer battery technology. The power banks from the company have been designed to offer continued usage of over a day and standby usage of several days. These new power banks launched by Oraimo have been designed with equal importance given to the design as well as features, the slim, sleek and feature-packed Oraimo power banks come with excellent features like dual-power output and fast charging support. The company has also implemented multi-protect safety system to ensure safety and prevent damage to the power banks. The new power bank series includes the 6,000mAh Aurora, 10,000mAH Toast 1.3cm slim power bank, and a few other offerings.

The company has also announced several other related products such as the dual-output chargers that also come with fast-charging capability, in-car charger, 9H hardness screen protector and retractable 2-in-1 cables. The company line up also includes their new smartwatches, the Oraimo Tempo Smartwatch keeps a track of the steps, distance traveled, calories burned and comes with a long-lasting battery of up to 7 days. This smartwatch connects with the smartphone to offer support for alarms, reminders, sleep monitoring and even image capturing on the smartphone.

The company launched their in-ear and over-the-ear headphones along with the above products in their massive line-up reveal. There is also a wireless speaker that was announced that provides superior sound quality for a very acceptable pricing. The newly announced earphones from the company come with ergonomic ear tips for better comfort and the cables are damage resistant Kevlar cables that offer an endured lifespan. The Bluetooth earphones from the company come with premium chips to offer high-quality audio and come with a standby time of up to 240 hours.

The pricing of the charging cables ranges between Rs 199 and Rs 599 while power banks are available starting Rs 899. The Bluetooth earphones range starts at Rs 799 compared to the slightly more expensive Bluetooth speakers, the price of which ranges from Rs 1499 to Rs 1999. The smartwatches are the flagship product of the company and the prices range from Rs 2999 to Rs 6999.

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