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TRAI MySpeed App

Download TRAI My Speed App APK for Speed Test

TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India have released an app called the TRAI MySpeed app, which is for the speed test of the data network of the network provider you have. There are quite a few other speed test apps available, like the Speedtest app from Ookla, and NetVelocity by Jio but the trust on them has gone down after some recent issues.

Recently, Jio claimed that Ookla is giving more preference to Airtel and thus the data speeds of Jio are not being shown properly. TRAI then released their own app called the TRAI My Speed app, which unfortunately has disappeared from the Google Play Store and thus not being shown. The only way you can try it on your Android phone is by downloading the APK and installing it.

What does the TRAI MySpeed app do?

For the basics, the app does check the data speed of your network. It could be either Wi-Fi or data network. The signal strength is first assessed and then, when you begin the test, there are several parameters tested by the app.

TRAI MySpeed App test

The app checks for the download speed, upload speed, network delay, and the packet loss. You can then compare the performance with the data that TRAI has for that particular area. You can then send the data to TRAI so that it gets added to the database and the speeds are put on an average in the area if anyone else is checking the next time.

Even though for our area it says that Jio has better speeds, with TRAI Myspeed or the other apps, it was Airtel clearly winning the data speed war. If you want to test the speeds of data on your smartphone, download the My Speed APK and install it.

Download TRAI MySpeed App APK

Download Link

It is an APK file because you won’t find the app on the Play Store. Download the APK and then go to Settings > Security and allow app installation from the external sources, only then you will be able to install the app. There is no need to sign up for anything as the app will directly check for the speeds. You will have to give a couple of permissions for the app to function.

Have any problems with the app? You can try out its alternatives, namely, the NetVelocity app or the Speedtest from Ookla, which we found was comparable with the MySpeed app itself with the results.

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  1. this app also helps TRAI to monitor call drops and network issues a of different telecom operatores which is really great!!

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